Power cables with Auralic devices


Hi-Fi devices are used to doing their tests with referent cables.
but these devices are never delivered with these cables.
if audioquest is the referente brand for the hdmi lightning link, i was wondering if auralic had a brand or model of power cable that would go perfectly with the vega g2 for optimal result ?
thank you !


The cable is something very subjective. AURALIC device is on transparent side, most people will prefer to match it with cable sounds a bit warm or just balancing. It is very very personal.

The reason we recommend AQ for Lightning Link cable is because this cable, according our test, built with highest HDMI standard and the bandwidth fully meet HDMI 2.0 specification which is important. There are other HDMI cables available, they either not meet specification or not well balanced (sounding).

Our testing and recommedation was done back to year 2017 so there maybe a lot of changes on cable market.


A “better” power cable does absolutely nothing. Zero. It’s pure ‘psychological-Acoustik’s’

A “better” hdmi cable does absolutely nothing. Zero. It’s a data signal, not an analog signal.


@ Focal: So true. Neither measurements nor AB/X have substantiated the cable boutiques outlandish claims. On the contrary…One can hear the difference only if one wants to hear it.

@To all: please educate yourself thoroughly before spending a red dim on fancy cables. Most often, those are oil-snake products to gull the inexperienced or the obsessive/compulsive among us. Sure, purchase a product that lasts and even looks appealing, but manage your sound expectations.