Power Amp for Vega G1

Just bought Vega G1 and have Neat Motive SX1 speakers.
Suggestions on power amp/Integrated amp to suit.

This is very generic question. Based on your equipment you can have excellent power amplifiers for a reasonable price. If the only source you use is the Vega G1 you can opt for a power amplifier i.e.

Alchemy by Elac DPA-1
NuPrime ST-10

If you use analog sources you will need a integrated amplifier i.e.
Nuprime IDA-8
NAD C388

Hegel H190

Agree with jrav, speakers and amps are a very personal choice and must also be considered with respect to room acoustics (in my view), although you can fine tune to a certain degree with speaker placement.

Generally though Neat have always gone well with amps from Naim and early Exposure, although others to try are Rega, Nad, Arcam, Classe and Cyrus.

Most of the above offer integrated as well as power amps.

The best way forward would be to read up on a few that are within budget and then short list on the basis of facilities, then select a dealer that has them in stock and make the final choice by listening, either in the showroom or preferably at home.

Hope some of this helps.

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I am using a Vega G2, but the sound quality was much better connected to power amps than to an integrated.

Thanks for response and recommendations.
I am going to use the suggestions and draw up short list before demos.

Try Lyngdorf audio SDA 2400 power amp. Very powerful (2 x 400 W @ 4Ohm, 2 x 200 W @ 8Ohm) and versatile amp in nice and minimalistic design. Has digital and analog inputs. Despite class D (Lyngdorf is one of the best, if not the best in this field), it sounds very analog. I have tested on several different setups with great results. Highly recommended.

You can find great stuff with ATI, Parasound or Anthem

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