Polaris or successor?


Any plans for an updated Polaris or similar “all-in-one” replacement? We will be transitioning, by way of a condo in a year, to a new house in WA state. During our condo time, the “all-in-one” would give us Auralic in a smaller package suitable for the smaller digs. This would be particularly helpful as I use a tube preamp/amp combo that could stay in storage along with the VEGA G2/LEO GX combo until that bigger house later.

If no plans, I guess finding a used one is an option, though they seem rare.

I think POLARIS will be the last of its kind. The fact that any AURALIC any product that contains amplifier do not sell well. We would rather focus on developing an all-in-one digital source with all features in one box, without amplifier. That will give customer a choice to use their power amplifier or even activate powered speaker.


Understood. It would be the outlier (that would be me :upside_down_face:) that would want such high end equipment in all in one for convenience.