Please incorporate Hi-Res Audio into Lightning DS

Please consider integrating the German streaming Hi-Res Audio into your excellent Lightning DS. There are many recordings on this site that aren’t available on Tidal of Qobuz.

We are working on that, our original plan was to integrate Deezer first but they are really really slow on business side, we still have no access to their API after a couple of months, I think they may just not interested since we are small. If in this case, we will imply Hi-Res as alternative solution.

“…many recordings…”? It would be very helpful to have examples of high-res recordings which can’t be found on Qobuz. Are there really so many of them?

For classical, there are so many important recordings in CD quality which aren’t available on Hi-Res Audio that one would need to supplement it with another streaming service.

It’s always good to have more choice !