Please create application for PC (or add music play features to browser)


Would be great to have an LDS app for PC…much like Roon has. Ability to not only configure everything in the Auralic G2 stack, but also play music. Full function browser would also be a close second…or both actually!



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There are some threads that reveal that Auralic is working on an HTML5 based iteration of Lightning DS (or whatever it’s going to be called)
When this is due is not clear though, can you say anything about this Mr Wang? @Xuanqian

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That would be soooooo awesome.
Finally a chance of getting rid of Apple for ever.


I’m using Kazoo with success on Mac and AFAIK it also works on Windows. It’s a very nice platform and after recent upgrades in my Aries software (I’m on Beta on Mini) it also supports Tidal and Qobuz. Since it works so well, I really don’t think this is a good usage of Aurlic Team’s time to do more on Mac/PC unless the result are way better than Kazoo.


Not a fan of Kazoo…and defeats the purpose of having a Roon like “all in one” app that can be used to configure LDS as well as control the music playback. This is a G2 specific request.


And the complexity of doing it and maintain it between Windows versions and macos with frequent change of framework etc …
You need new teams and new skills, new development tools and pipeline etc …
I’m not sure that Auralic want to become a software company.

And you have roon for that :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand why Auralic choose iOS for the Device control. Less model to support and a more controlled environment. With others OS it can be a nigthmare with fragmentation in os and hardware


If that is indeed the case…web based would work just fine. Just don’t like being limited to mobile devices.

I use Roon, but also like running LDS to take advantage of caching and such. Once I complete the stack with Sirius, I plan on ditching Roon altogether.

Let’s hear what Xuanqian has to say.


A little more easier with web, but you have to support at least 4 web browser (Edge, Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Chromium …) and for many OS (Windows, MacOS and for the brave 20 linux distros).
And for computer, phone, tablet, with different hardware, screen resolution etc …

It’s nor impossible, but it cost a lot (a lot) of money. I’m pretty sure that you have more developers in Roon team that all the Auralic staff.

So, for Auralic, i think it’s just a matter of business case. And for us, it can be a price increase … :slight_smile:


They already support full G2 component admin functions via web browser. Chrome and Edge work flawlessly (in Windows 10). Adding remote control and library management should not be a massive undertaking, compared to writing a desktop application, at least.

Be that as it may, this is a feature request thread. While I appreciate your input, really not what I was after. Just requesting possible feature adds is all. : )



Yes but it’s just a static web page … Nor a rich client UI. And in this case i can understand why Auralic does not push this way. I’m a dev/ops (software and infrastructure), i live those situation everyday in my day job :slight_smile:

I prefer to have more features regarding sound quality and integration and more and more streaming servie (the future Amazon Music in Hifi) rather than a big stuff that will take years to have and will no bring so much value to the purpose of the product ; listening music :slight_smile:

But you are right, you can ask for al the feature you want. My point is just to let people understand that create software is far away from easy … Especially now with the diversity you have in the market (i didn’tt mention chromeOS too that will come soon or later and other not well know new competitor …)

Only Auralic can decide at the end !


I understand it all very well. I am an Infrastructure Architect going on over 20 years. Granted I am much more hardware and OS than software development, but I get all that is involved.

Again, just a feature request.



The next generation control software should be completely browser based. Developing Windows or Android native software is just a pain unless it is written by java which we dont like.

I personally think we are not far away from a full web based interface is possible from technology perspective, say 3 to 4 years maybe.


Thanks Xuanqian,

3-4 years? Seems pretty far away to me. : )


I think we need that long. We are talking about to have something that most people can run on their computer browser. Think about how many computers are still running on Windows 7 now…


And if you think responsive design with the diversity of mobile phone and tablet, it increase the complexity.

People think that is simple, but it is not … Just choosing the right framework is a nightmare : Angular ? React, VueJS or an another new kid in town (Web assembly ?) ? Or something with container could help, with windows the technology is here with HyperV. Same thing with MacOS. You avoid to use Java and can use the same technology/OS for every OS. But you need to deal with security issue (file sharing, low level access …) and displaying stuff. Not very ready yet for full UI application (but i still in progress).

And i agree, avoiding to develop something in Windows 7 is the best thing to do :slight_smile: Generally speaking, avoiding windows is always a good choice :wink:


Looks like Roon is the answer, then. I just hate the fact that Auralic treats Roon Ready as a stream, and it cant take advantage of the memory caching that LDS utilizes in the hardware.

Oh well…can’t have it all I guess.


Yep, in computer science, trade off is the day 2 day job :wink:

Everything is possible, it’s just a question of money and time you can spend for each task, and the associated ROI.

I would like to have something close to roon with LDS. Even only on IOS. But i suppose that it’s a difficult challenge for a company like Auralic if they have to invest in it and start to be a competitor to Roon. The business must be rock solid :slight_smile:

For the caching with LDS, i think it’s the roon protocol that not allow this by nature.


Here is my 2 cents:

First of all, developing a software platform will take at least 3 years, from beginning to completely stable, that’s not including the time if you make any big mistake like choosing the wrong framework. When Roon came out, the idea is great but if we try to copy it and develop something similar by ourselves then it will be too late. People only remember what is the 1st. I think the advantage of Roon is the content recommendation rather than their user interface. The recommendation is something we believe content provider can do in the future as they have the database and what user has played each time. For example, Spotify and Apple Music can push recommendation based on user’s listening behavior already. I think eventually we should have something very similar to what Roon can offer from one of the streaming service provider and all hardware manufacturer need to do is to integrate API and pull the data from server. So I will wait for that day rather than developing something like Roon.


Just to be clear, I am not requesting that Auralic create the next Roon. The only reason Roon was used as an example was due to its Windows desktop app, that allows config and remote control.

The request stems from a desire to control LDS from a desktop app (too much work, I get it)…but doing something via browser seems much more doable (like Tidal maybe)?

Again, not asking Auralic to event their own version of Roon.

I digress. Just waiting for the new Sirius processor at this juncture. :nerd_face:


I think Linn Kazoo is a workaround if you want desktop app, for now…

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