Pairing Aries G1 with Vega G1?

I’ve seen this touched upon briefly in one or two threads but I welcome any feedback from folks who decided to add the Aries G1 to improve streaming functionality and SQ to the Vega G1. Although I’m pretty happy with the Vega G1 standalone as a streamer I’m contemplating adding the Aries G1 to try to further improve SQ and functionality to the next level. Any input? Worthwhile upgrade and addition? Thanks!

I recall a video interview with Xuanqian stating that sonically it does not make allot of sense to add a Aries G1 to a Vega G1 as the quality of the streamer in the Vega G1 is just as good.

True. Marginally better if not same. Best reason for getting the ARIES in this case is for the features more than the SQ. Need wifi? EQ?, etc.

Although SQ may be similar it’s definitely not same the quality streamer according to Xuanqian. He describes Vega G1 streamer as an even more basic version of Aries Mini.

Just curious of feedback from folks with real world experience.

Quality in this case seems to refer to features, not sound.

FWIW, I originally tried ARIES G2 with VEGA G2. Could not detect SQ difference from VEGA G2 alone. Now have VEGA G2 and LEO GX combo instead and the difference is huge compared to VEGA G2 alone.

Unless feature set is different between ARIES G1 and G2, I would still argue VEGA G1 alone unless you need the ARIES features.

Though I did not detect SQ difference in my case, another logical argument is that you avoid possible contamination by wifi & Bluetooth radios with VEGA alone. (I use fiber ethernet and external Bluetooth receiver with digital out.)

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appreciate the feedback! The LEO GX is intriguing but the cost is more than my budget. Perhaps I will see if one surfaces at some point soon on the used market. Thanks.

g1 vega is not a class streamer . I have the g1 aries and the g1 vega . and it far exceeds the vega dac alone by some margin

If you use just Roon and you don’t need WiFi support, then there is no need to add ARIES G1 in front of VEGA G1 due to how Roon works in our device.

Adding AREIS G1 will do improve the sound quality if you use Lightning DS or other OpenHome based software.

Thanks for weighing in Xuanqian. Could you explain the Roon features that benefits the VEGA G1 sonics? Is it upsampling or improved buffering?

It’s the way how RAAT protocol works. With roon you can not have the benefit or Auralic tuning in software like buffering etc …
When your develop a roon client/device, you use a piece of software provided by roon labs itself and you do not have margin to improvements or hack.

LDS is a custom implementation of Auralic with a custom design. So Auralic can do what they want…

This is why if your are using Roon, you will not have so much difference between Aries and Vega.


Ah gotcha. Thanks!

The idea of improving SQ using the ARIES G1 intrigues me since I do use Lightning DS.

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