Ordering of artists in Lightning DS/ Qobuz


Hi Everyone - happy new member of the Auralic club here, having recently acquired a Vega G2 to go with my T+A PA3000HV and Audio Physic Codex. I have done a search and can’t find an answer to this, so please forgive me if this has been covered before and point me in the right direction if you will!

My question relates to the ordering of artists in Lightning DS via Qobuz and my preference for simply ordering artists by first letter, regardless. Within Qobuz, I just favourite artists/ bands and that is the only library I have, as I just navigate to albums via artist instead. At the moment, within DS/ via Qobuz, here are some examples that I would like to change:

Parquet Courts are in “C”, rather than “P”
Joy Division are in “D” rather than “J”
Tame Impala are in “I” rather than “T”
Alabama Shakes are in “S” rather than “A” etc, etc

My preference, for simplicity (it suits me!), is just to use whatever the first letter is of the artist/ band, regardless of anything else - for example, The Charlatans would be in “T”.

I suspect this is Qobuz related rather than Lightning, as the listing is the same in Roon too. I also have a Tidal account, which appears to use my preferred first letter approach, so it’s probably streaming service related.




The index is pretty much based on first letter of entire artist name, it wont distinguish between first name and last name.


Thanks for your response.

So which program does the sorting then? If I look at my tidal artist favourites in lightning, it is all first letter, whereas my Qobuz favourites in lightning are wrong.

The Qobuz listing in lightning is different to in the Qobuz app itself. For example, tame impala is in T in the Qobuz app, but under I in lightning.

Are there any settings I can changes in lightning (currently sorted A-Z).



The sorting is pretty much controlled by the TIDAL and Qobuz server as the data are pulled in real time with the sequence coming from the server side. You can not really change it via Lightning DS setting.


Thanks for your Xuanqian. What confuses me is why they are first letter in Qobuz, but strangely ordered in lightning and Roon?

It’s not a huge problem, just one of those “nice to change if possible” things.


I think it is because Qobuz cache everything you have inside App. Any 3rd party integration like Lightning, Roon, will pull data from server in real time.