Now Playing -- what's on tap in your musical world?


So I thought we might do with a thread about current listening! What’s excited you lately? Which old favorites have happily come back around in your listening space? Discovering new music and sharing favorites is such an enjoyable part of hi-fi after all. So what’s Now Playing on your rig?

For my part, I finally discovered John Lurie and The Lounge Lizards just this week! I know that’s a little late to the party, but hey… Funny thing is that Lurie’s Marvin Pontiac album has long been a favorite! I knew the name of who was behind it, but somehow never looked into John Lurie as himself, not to mention his brother and the rest of the shifting Lizards gang.

And for a final twist, I was only inspired to look him up on TIDAL (did the LL really only have 4 studio albums in all that time?) when some friends cued up Fishing with John after a recent dinner at their house. When you include that hilarious little project I feel like I definitely discovered two inspired threads of artistic awesomeness at once!

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Currently running frequently:
Warhaus - Warhaus
Aurora - All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend
Ghostpoet - Dark days + canapés

If you like it harder:
Glassjaw - Material control

Classics rediscovered these days:
Anthrax - Among The Living
Tori Amos song: Famous Blue Raincoat (Cohen cover) - reference track for dynamics…



Well thanks Theandymanrocks, that was a fun way to wrap up the week! Most of those artists were new to me. I particularly liked the Aurora album – great voice, heartfelt songwriting, and an interesting story…

Is the female vocalist on the Warhaus albums his old bandmate from Balthazar?




Currently playing

E.S.T. - Live in Hamburg - Jazz

:heart_eyes: Very Good

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Great voice .

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Thanks for the discovery of this artist. I already have put the CD in my music library.



Cool harpist.

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Pavlov’s Dog / Pampered Menial / Rock-Pop

A very special voice…

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Special voice contest

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Found all the albums on Qobuz. Excellent, what a voice…



Doc & Dawg / Folk - Country

The version of the song Summertime is absolutly fabulous…

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African style Summertime.

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Version qobuz



Oui merci pour l’info, j’avais trouvé l’album et l’écoute est en cours, par contre l’album JAZZ A SAINT GERMAIN, niet…




just beautiful…



I can’t remember any wrong ACT recording.;;:grinning:

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A must have album for all Jazz Lovers

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Classical music : Bestion de Camboulas is simply splendid , all his recordings with « ensemble les surprises » are awesome, and this one is outstanding.

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It is funny, I am listening to this album while typing to reply your post! :grinning:



Boris BLANK - Electrified
For those who would like to test their loudspeakers…