Noisy iFi iPower


my aries mini came with ‘upgraded’ switching iFi iPower psu…
the psu is very noisy, I can hear electrial noise thru the speakers…
do any of you got similar issue with this psu or is it simpy faulty unit?


What about the psu delivered by Auralic?
If the noise disappears when using the supplied one, there is a problem with your iFi.
If not, there might be an issue with your Mini…


the dealer gave me only ifi psu.
I need to contact them after easter so they can send me original psu.


Fingers crossed that you haven’t damaged the mini, if the dealer supplied the ifi psu that is very irresponsible of them as the specifications for mini state otherwise.
Please see below


the ifi ipower is 15V 1,2A so within the specs?


15V should work OK but I see no reason why to use iFi if they are generation noise.


I don’t. I have another 15V silent smpu for now but still I’ll contact the dealer as I believe I should get original psu.


ifi ipower is on the way back to the dealer… they say they’re going to replace it.


Ask if you can get the correct 16v 1amp value from ifi, as their way of saying I’m sorry. Just an idea :bulb:


I bought an iFi PSU and mine is totally silent. The difference is astounding. The supplied power supply sounded great but the IFi opened up the sound stage so much it the Mini turned into a different beast. Bass was more full as well.
I believe it’s worth getting a replacement.


Hi New Aries Mini owner. I have an Ifi 9v PSU which comes with the IFI IDSD micro USB3 power supply. Is the 9v safe to use with the Mini or is the Ifi 15v the correct option. Thanks


It seems prretty clear :


I think the Mini would be struggling to perform correctly with only 9 volts. You should use 15 volts.