No Hi-Res on Altair Coaxial Input

Since I purchased my Altair, I have only used it to stream, from Tidal, Qobuz and my own NAS library. Today, I decided to try using the Altair as a DAC so I hooked up another streamer via the Coaxial input on the Altair using an AQ Cinnamon cable. It played fine, but after a while I noticed that no matter what I played, the Altair’s display reads “44.1 ks”, even when playing 24/192 or MQA (the other streamer decodes MQA. The display on the other streamer confirms that it is outputting various hi-res sampling rates, but the Altair continues to display 44.1 ks no matter what. I have checked all the settings on both the Altair and the other streamer, but nothing seems to change the display on the Altair. What am I missing?

The digital input on ALTAIR requires signal to carry ‘channel status’ information. The device use this information to detect sampling rate. If the source signal do not have such information then it will only show 44.1K sampling rate as default, the sound quality is also compromised.

Is there anything Auralic can do software-wise to get the sampling rate another way? The reason I ask is that I have a similar streaming device on the same system as my Aries G1 (it is older purchased long before the G1 came out) and I have it hooked up to my MacIntosh C47 preamp using an optical cable and the Mac displays the incoming frequency on its screen and it has no problem detecting the sample rate for both MQA and regular hi-res from this other streamer. Is the optical input on the Altair different in this regard or the same as the coaxial? I have another DAC that I briefly tested with the old streaming device and it decoded the MQA just fine with the decoder turned off in the other streamer, but on Redbook and hi-res files it defaults to 24/192; strangely, DSD files display correctly on that DAC. If you cannot provide a software “fix” for correctly detecting the sample rate without the channel status, could you perhaps at least have the default at 24/192 which would cover most PCM files of most users?

Thanks for your help!

This is hardware design relating so not possible to make any change at this point. We did changed this in the ALTAIR G1 design but there is nothing we can do for ALTAIR and POLARIS.

You may consider to put a resampler device in front of ALTAIR in order to resolve your problem, like Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker.

Hi Xuanqian
I have Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker in front of Altair with very good coaxial Nordost and Linear Power Supply. Still 44.1, my Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker output 96 kHz sampling rate. Very disappoint.

Hi, are you sure your digial source has 96K output? It appears the source only feed 44.1K?

Yes. I have Wyred 4 sound Remedy Reclocker and Sonos Connect - Modified with 96kHz sticker on the device. I try both no luck. When I connected to my Nad Dac M51 shown 96kHz, Altair 44.1.

Today I try another test with BlueSound Node2, stream Qobuz Hi Res, with both input Tos and Cox. Still 44.1. Very sad you can not use Altair for standing alone DAC for Hi Res

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