"NO DEVICE" when Starting Up Lightning DS App

I’ve had my Vega G2 for about 2 months now. I only stream Tidal. When I start up the LDS App on my iPhone or my iPad, the app no longer initially recognizes the Vega G2. It will now say “NO DEVICE”…even after multiple attempts to close and restart the app. However, if I wait 15 to 20 minutes, the app will then automatically recognize my Vega G2. This has only been happening the last month or so. It’s rather frustrating. Also, if I should switch between applications (like checking my emails, or surfing the net) and come back to the LDS app, it won’t recognize the device again…and I’ll have to wait another 15 - 20 mins again for the app to recognize the device.

Am I doing something wrong? Any easy fixes for this? Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Just speculating here, but, have something changed in your network?
A change of WLAN channels, new neighbours etc?
And, please describe how your Aries and iOS devices are connected and through what equipment?

In my Auralic Aries, normaly is because the App it´s not in the same wifi lan that the Auralic. Only i must change the wifi in my Iphone or Ipad, at then restart de App, and runs well

Unfortunately you will get every excuse in the book for this behavior. Truth is LDS not very robust in this connection to device. Pity…

Again it’s not true for everyone. I’ve not this issue at all with my Wifi network. Aries G2 is connected to wifi as well my iPads (Air 2 and Pro 11).

No problem with “No device found” so much. Maybe 1 or 2 time per year and a reboot fix that.

Are you using ISP provided router? If in this case, it is the problem. Most ISP provided router wont be ablble to handle UDP broadcast properly between Ethernet and WiFi so the Lightning DS running on iPad or iPhone keep lost connection with VEGA G2.

I have found most recent generation of US base ISP router are good, but older model or European ones are just horrible. To resolve the problem, you just need to spend $150 and buy a Netgear R7000 (or newer one) then it will instantly resolve the problem.

(If you home is very large or the router and iPad are at different level of your home then it will be another story, you need another solution).

I live in Canada in a new condo tower that has a fibre optic network…so I think my router is up to date…However, I’m not a technical expert by any means…but it looks like I have a Alcatel Lucent router. I’m also using a CISCO 2960 switch that I bought from Ebay. I’m using an Audioquest Diamond ethernet cable. My wifi works perfectly in my condo. I only purchased my Vega G2 a couple months ago. The first month everything worked perfectly…no issues connecting on my either of my two iPads or my iPhone X…I might add that it connected VERY quickly…within a second or two. It’s only the last month that all my devices are taking several minutes to connect. After it does connect, there are no problems…it does not drop the signal at all… As soon as I switch to another app or turn off my iPad/iphone, etc the system has to take several minutes again to find the device…I currently have to keep my device turned on to stay connected. I haven’t changed anything in the last month. I thought that maybe there was an Apple update that caused the delay in connecting.

Any other tips you can give me would be helpful.

What is the version of ios ? 12.3 ?

iOS 12.3 correct!

Did you try to affect an IP to each device instead of using DHCP ? For your iPhone/iPad and Auralic products ? Maybe it can help. Fix it regarding the MAC address and restart each device one at a time to retrieve the new IP (or keep the same, your choice :))

In general, one will have a simpler life with home networks with basic unmanaged switches. Particularly if one matches your first sentence! :smiley:
And, like Mr Wang said, please try a “proper” router, such as the Asus he suggested or the RT-N66/68.
This issue you are seeing might just as well be your neighbours WLAN interfering on your channels.

Do you have issue with your ios device to connect to other stuff or its is only with your Auralic gear ?

The Vega is connected with ethernet cable, so everything is on the same network, no tricky stuff ? No complex routing or something else ?

Something that can help, as suggest by Auralic team, is to install a another router for your hifi gear. Connect it with ethernet, your Vega G2 to it and create a new wifi network to use with your ios device (if you can an does not bother you). Everyhting will be handle by a dedicated device with specific parameters and tuning. Normally with that, it can work better. If you can borrow this kind of device from a friend, it can help to do a quick test !

That Cisco switch is unmanaged (I believe) so it should be fine without any problem. The problem should be the router side, if there is a setting, you need to make sure the SSDP broadcast and multicast data package will not be blocked and with higher priority is actually preferred. You should be able to find the setting under QoS

OK, Cisco 2960 actually has management feature so it make things much more complicate. It has to be setup properly if the previous owner did any VLAN or package filter policy on the switch. I have zero experience on how to setup the Cisco but I can not really help here…

So prior to getting the CISCO, I had a basic unmanaged DLink switch…My coworkers in the IT dept said that my CISCO, in it’s basic form, is like an unmanaged switch (though it can be managed)…so they said to try it anyways…Regardless, tonight I changed it back to my DLink…unmanaged switch, and the same thing occurred. My internet setup is VERY basic. I have a small condo…all one network, no fancy stuff. My computer networking hub is in my closet. What baffles me is that the system was working perfectly the first month…ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUE! …and now problems every time I turn off my iPhone or tablet…or switch to another app, etc.

Like I said, I’m don’t know much about computers…I’ll try asking my IT coworkers to see if they can help me change me router…The whole mess of wires in my little computer closet area is just confusing to me. With that said, I really don’t think the router is the issue. Makes so sense to me why it would work perfectly one month, and then fall apart the next month. I didn’t change any settings on anything. sigh

I have an Aries G1 and it does the same thing. Every time I open my iPad, or even it I go to another app, when I return to Lightning it first says No Device. Usually within 10 seconds it sees the G1, but sometimes I have to shut down lightning DS and then reopen it. Every once in a while I even have to turn off the G1 (reboot) to get the app to work. If yours takes 15-20 minutes to come up, you might try rebooting the Vega after about 1 minute. Sorry I don’t have an answer to your problem as I have been following this thread closely. I have an AT&T Uverse router that runs the Internet and phone. My G1 is connected by CAT 7 wire. I guess I’m just lucky that my G1 is found after only a few seconds each time.

There might have been unannounced changes from your ISP or on your OS. I think you should try with another router, preferably from an established brand such as Asus or similar.

And, sorry bout your troubles! My Lightning DS app also takes a second or two to identify the selected Aries when starting the app or switching to it. I’d go nuts if this took longer than 5sec!

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LDS isn’t the only iOS app that goes off then on line when moved away from it. But for me it’s acceptable. However, if you can do without the set up part, the ANDROID phone user experience with BubbleUPnP is terrific. Truly exceptional.

Thank you everyone for your help during my time of frustration! I was literally turning on my iPhone and my two iPads to see which one would connect first to play some music. I “think” I found what was causing the problem…but I’m not sure. When I switched back to the DLink unmanaged switch last night, the problem was still occurring. But today, everything seems to have resolved itself. I’m guessing there was some delay time after the switches were changed. The CISCO 2960 ports are 10/100 Mbps…the DLink switch is 10/100/1000 Mbps. Would that have anything to do with it? That’s my best guess…Regardless, everything is working perfectly again! All three Apple devices now connect within a couple seconds…FYI, the reason I switched to the CISCO was because many of the forums recommend it to enhance the SQ…It obviously created more headache than anything else…
Thanks again for everyone’s help.

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