No any sound when Headphone plugged in

Just got Vega G2 for almost two months, couple days ago I just wanted to listen to an AKG K701, but the headphone sounds nothing. The speakers sounded well whatever either the 6.3mm outputs were plugged in. The headphone works well in other gears.

Could anyone tell me why?


headphone is connected to the RCA output with separate buffering circuit. If the headphone output has no sound, checkout if 6.35mm connector is OK and also if the inside connector cable has disconnected during the transportation. This should be done at dealer’s place or you can do that by yourself but flip the machine over and remove the 8 HEX screws then remove the bottom plate. The connection cable between headphone jack and the mainboard is a white colored flat cable.

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Thanks for reply.

Got notices that the XLR output and the headphone output will sound at the same time with my active driven speakers. So I have to turn off the speakers then find headphone sounds well, just need to turn volume as 80% to get normal listen experience with ALG K701. Does 500ohm headphone be able to be driven by Vega G2?

Had added LEO GX for a month, fantastic combo with Aries G2 and Vega G2 (also as pre-amp).

Looking forward to the up-sampling one!

Good to know nothing went wrong. High impedance headphone is a bit hard to drive for VEGA G2, normally a dedicated headphone amplifier is required if you want full discover the potential of the headphone. If you use K701 just for casual listening then you will be good on VEGA G2.

LEO GX is amazing, it make everything sounds beautiful. SIRIUS G2 upsampler will add a magic for lower sampling rate files making them sound much better.

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