Next or Prior Button Symbol


the buttons for next or prior titel in the lighning app is the symbol usually says “fast forward/backward”, but not start/end or skip. The classic symbol like on CD players or old tapedeckes for that is the single arrow with a vertical bar.
This is cosmetic only, but to get closer to perfection that should be no problem to correct.


Good catch! >>| or |<< …seems like it should be an easy fix! :slight_smile:

Thx. It’s more like this:

|< and >|


oops! :slight_smile:

Interesting, we had a discussion about the icon back to year 2013 when our team started design the UI of Lightning DS. I did raised the question about these icons. The answer I got is they feel |<< and >>| does not look nice and most people know what function it is, so we got keep the << and >> option till now…

Ok, all in all it is only a question of personal taste and not really important what symbols are used.
I also agree that everybody knows what that symbols mean…

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