Newbie Help Please


Hello Auralic Community

I’m considering the big digital Auralic leap this week, but would really appreciate some help before purchase

Looking at buying the Vega 2, using analogue connections to my Karan Kai180 Mk 2 Amp.

However, i don’t have (or want) internet access upstairs in the music room. The router is downstairs, and i don’t want a long CAT5 cable going up the stairs etc etc.

I don’t intend on using streaming services.

I just want a digital storage device (approx 2TB) which i can then connect up to the Vega G2 and play my music.

Is this possible, or is this not a wise purchase?

Many thanks


Hi. For what you want id suggest the aries mini with our without the external PSU at 250 extra and put your own HDD or preferably SSD in their you can have the mini plus external PSU plus 2tb HDD for just over 760 quid. Only issue is Auralic demand the setup of their machines via Apple devices via their software DSLIGHTNING which requires a convection over WiFi or a wired connection between your streamer and router. Once it’s setup you still need a connection preferably WiFi to be able to control the device as there is no remote. Once setup you can use a upnp app such as bubble.
For the G2 you can use ir control from 3rd party but they have poor response due to various design constraints. In essence you need a controller via Apple then when setup apple or Android and a connection via WiFi or wired as there is no way to control it. You’re easiest way to overcome your issue is to buy a unit FROM ANOTHER MANUFACTURE unfortunately which has a remote and connect to a NAS for your storage


I dont think VEGA is the right device, the reason is because it does not have USB port so you an not really read it. If you want something just to read USB disk, I would suggest to find another cheap music streamer which do not need network connection completely, it will just to read USB disk and output to VEGA G2.


Thank you Oashton, your advice is much appreciated.


Thank you Xuanqian. I’ve now decided to take the plunge and have an ethernet port / wi-fi fitted in the music room. Therefore, the Vega 2 would be connected to the amp, and then an ethernet cable from the Dac to the port :+1: System will be accompanied by Focal Sopra 2’s.



Yes, it’s definitely a wise decision. To be honest how can you think of playing music in digital format without having any network (LAN,WIFI or both) ? By the way if you are having difficulty to extend your wire and wireless network I can suggest Devolo Powerline based on many years of personal experience. I understand Some people may have an objection to Powerline LAN extensions, I’m perfectly happy . In any case much easier than pulling a 45m long Ethernet cable in my case.

I’ll be happy to help if you have any questions regarding this.

Good Luck !


Thanks for the great advice Esom :slight_smile: