New version of LDS coming?


Hi @Xuanqian
The LDS is long overdue, is there a beta testing for LDS via Apple TestFlight? If I understand, this time the LDS will do exclusively on music while all settings have to be done on the web browser interface?


The crazy Apple requested us to send hardware to fully test the App, that was 4 weeks ago, we did that the second day but there is no progress at all.


That’s a bit weird why need a hardware to test…Hope we will get a new improved LDS before Christmas😀!


They sometimes do request hardware to test the App but only for the very first version. I heard some manufacturer waited more than 6 months for review. I never heard an update version requests hardware for future verification, that’s totally insane.


Probably there’s a major change in hardware firmware from version 4.2 to 5.x? This is my speculation.


If you using 5.x firmware all hardware settings have been ported to web browser interface. While LDS control the playback of music. I believe the next version of LDS will do just that.


New LDS version 4.5 is available for download! Settings are now done on the web browser and a new link to Auralic community. Pretty cool!


I’m not seeing 4.5, no updates available in the iOS app store?


Playing with the various settings, love it. The interface is very professional and intuitive. Well done Auralic team.


May need a manual update of App Store, Apple is a kind of slow updating the status in different countries’ server.


All sorted now, had to upgrade to latest iOS and then it was in my update list :blush:

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