New Vega G2: Problem Right Out of the Box



I sent an email to last Saturday with this issue and talked to my dealer today. He suggested I also post to this website.

I have the following issue with new Vega G2. I received the unit this past Thursday and started burning it in. Two days later Saturday night, I figured I would try listening even though it wasn’t fully burned in.

Start playing from streaming Tidal via Aries Femto and USB connection. In the middle of song after playing 2-3 songs, it stops outputting to amp and music cuts off. Aries still streaming and Vega G2 displaying proper file size and reading/receiving without error message. Just no more output to preamp and music stop playing out of speakers.

Tried turning off switch on back and it worked for half a song then output signal cutoff again. It was having this issue right out of box with 5.6 firmware. Updated to latest firmware 6.0 and still same problem. If I switch inputs to any others like coax and switch back to usb, it works again for couple more songs then cuts out. Once or twice after switching inputs back and forth, it played for over 1 hour then cut out again. Most times, output cuts out after couple of songs.

Using light harmonics lightspeed 10G USB CABLE.

How best to proceed? My dealer also mentioned Auralic has no stock to even swap the unit out since there was a supplier changed that is affecting supply.

Thank you


Hey Patrick,

I’m sure Xuanqian will have more definitive advice. In the meantime, I suggest testing the other outputs to see if it is only the USB. Also try another USB cable. Just to start narrowing down.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for your post. I hope to hear back from Xuanqian soon on how to proceed. I will try different input and USB cable as well tonight. I don’t think it is a cable issue since the display is showing proper file size etc without error messages on screen or Lightning DS.
When I change from FLAC to DSD, it registers and displays properly. It really seems to either be the conversion from incoming data to outgoing analog to the output RCA connections. I will try either way.

Also, I’m connecting the Vega G2 to my integrated tube amp via Nordost Tyr2 1M RCA interconnect cables.

Thank you.


Ok tonight I installed a toslink cable, digital coax cable and a different usb cable between the Aries Femto and Vega G2. When I swapped inputs, the toslink and Coax both days No Input. The USB registers input but had no sound output. Top part of display window would say 512DSD until I played actual file then it shows file size (i.e. 44.1k). To get some sound output, I tried what worked yesterday by switching via setup menu between different inputs (even though coax and toslink say no input) and going back to USB input, output finally came for a minute then went silent. I think this is definitely faulty unit.

If Xuanqian could please address and advise on next steps to fix.

Thank you


You’d be better off going through your retailer, like any other equipment your Auralic unit has warranties!
Which your retailer very well know about.
And, sorry about your troubles, really… :frowning:

Just one more question, have you got a different digital source for trying? Say an old CD player with an optical/electrical SPDIF output or so? or, why not connect your computer/tablet to the USB port of the Vega?



If you have a new unit that may not work right out of box, the best way is to contact the retailer and let them check it out.


Hi Xuanqian,

I did contact my dealer and given it was perhaps a hardware issue right out of box, he also suggested to post to this website for trouble shooting assistance. Of course, he was very helpful and suggested taking similar steps as others above to further troubleshoot. I will reach out to him again.

Keep in mind, there are very few dealers in the US and no one close to me so for them to diagnose, there is high cost of shipping back and forth. Any assistance from the technical team at Auralic can only build customer goodwill and simplify/streamline the process since the dealer would likely contact Auralic to get troubleshooting instructions as well given they are not engineers.

I will contact my dealer again and I am sure he will be more than glad to assist. If we have to get this unit repaired by Auralic, it would have been great to be able to swap the unit out instread of essentially dealing with a repaired/refurbished unit. However, I understand you are completely out of stock?

Any ideas on when the supplier issue will be resolved? I am interested in also acquiring other peices in the G2 line.

Thank you


Dealer is in charge of first hand support, if the unit is not working out of box, it has to be sent back to the dealer for inspection.


Yes have been working with him. Thank you