New Vega G1 owner has questions

Hello folks,
The G1 arrived Thursday and having owned the Mini, i had no problems setting her up and streaming via ROON.
I have three questions:

  1. Is there burn in time and has anyone some experience to share with me?
  2. I would dearly love a remote, I know I’m lazy here, but I just want to be able to switch inputs easily as I have a number of other Inputs I use. I have read threads here about the Auralic RC1, but cant find a seller in the UK, anyone know where i can source one please?
  3. I have also looked at the Logitech Harmony 650, even watched You tube set up videos. I have owned one of these type remotes years ago and had all sorts of issues with it, once bitten, twice shy. Is this compatible and proven to work with the Vega G1?. Does anyone have some answers around this question?

Any help here would be fantastic, first post for me, though I have been a watcher for a while.

IMO burn in for solid state devices is a myth. As you become accustomed to the sound, playing your music in your room, you may think the sound is improving. Will give some guidance about remotes. I’ve not bothered as I have just one source (streaming).

Enjoy the music, the Vega G1 is an amazing piece of gear.

I’ve been using Harmony remotes for probably 20 years. I now have a Harmony One which controls a fairly complex home theater / audio setup. Controls my VEGA G2 just fine.

In fact, you can use any remote with the VEGAs. You program the VEGA to use the remote’s commands, not the other way around.

Thank you gents, it’s a role reversal then with the use of the G1’s settings to align the remote rather then lead with the Logitech harmony software.
I was not aware of that detail.

Did you buy your Vega G1 from a UK dealer? If so, I would call them and ask if they could get an Auralic remote for you. It won’t be free, of course, but shouldn’t be massively expensive. I have a Vega G2 on order (currently using my dealer’s model) and I ordered an Auralic RC1 at the same time. Both should be arriving at the end of the month.

Having said that, I really don’t understand why Auralic don’t just include a cheap remote in the box as a matter of course. This is not bargain basement stuff.


We used to offer cheap remote in the box and everyone complained that the remote is too cheap and we should not include it…:joy:

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I think its perfect having the open programming for BYOD remote. Obviously you have it available for folks who don’t want the extra hassle, but I found it very easy to integrate into the Harmony system.

You can provide a good remote too :grinning:

It seems odd that people should object to finding a basic remote in the box. If you like it, use it, if you don’t leave it in the box – simples. Absent the inclusion of a basic remote, the first option is not available.

I have a CD player, used as transport to the Vega, which my wife uses to listen to language CDs. She finds the harmony remote in our AV room very offputting and would much rather use a simple button press. At the very least it might be worth letting folk know that a basic remote is available at the time of purchase.


Your first problem is letting the wife into the AV room…

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