New to streaming and I could use some help

I’m updating my system and I could use some help understanding what pieces I need to get the results I’m looking for. I’m looking to play and manage(add tracks) to my saved music, and stream Tidal and other online music streaming services. Can I connect the Vega 2 into a NAS like Synology using Roon and achieve what I’m looking for or do I need an additional piece. I actually have a Bryston BDP 2 that I’ve never used because it was to complicated for me. I also have the original Vega DAC it works beautifully with my Pass Labs amps and Sasha’s.

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Your need a computer for Roon. You can use a NAS to store your music used by the Roon Core (Computer). The Vega actas a roon enpoint and will be connected to the roon core with ethernet.

Thank you. I thought it was possible to use the NAS using QNAP or Synology as the computer and the storage and control it from the Vega 2.

Some QNAP NAS do not run Roon core. Best to check before buying.

But if they do is it stilll necessary or better sound quality with another piece in between

You have to install a server somewhere, on the nas or in a computer. With Roon, it consume a lot of CPU and RAM, it’s better suited to run on a computer and easier to setup than on a NAS.

You can install minimserver (more complex) or use the uPnP/DLNA server provided by the NAS itself.

You can certainly run Roon core from a NAS. If it can be done on yours depends mostly on the processing power. Which Synology and with what processor do you have?

Even if tracks play fine, a faster processor will make Roon UI more responsive. If you want to go with a separate piece, you can build one for less than $500 or buy a SonicTransporter i5, for example, at $900 (sometimes Andrew runs sales) or his i7 for close to twice that, Roon’s own Nucleus, etc.

If you haven’t familiarized with Roon yet and your NAS is capable at all, I would start with the core there to get going, making sure Roon will work for you. You can always add a headless server later.

I stream with Roon directly to my VEGA G2 by ethernet (fiber until the last meter).

I think sound quality improvement going with a separate server would be minimal as long as you are not getting dropouts. But, if you want to use upsampling, DSP, and have a snappy interface, you need good processing power.

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Thank you

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