New Leo GX, Major Issue Out Of The Box (Resolved)


I have been a happy Aries G2 user for almost three months. So much so that I decided to replace my PS Audio Directstream dac (used Bridge II prior to the Aries) with the Vega G2/Leo GX. I ordered the combo two weeks ago. I received the Vega G2 one week ago and the Leo GX yesterday. The Vega G2 was super easy to set up as was my Aries G2 (I give Auralic high marks on ease of implementation). Needless to say I was very much looking forward to the addition of the Leo. I followed the video procedures for replacing the Vega cable which was quite easy to do. All terminations came with plastic protectors which I left on until they were necessarily removed and then re-attached where appropriate. Same with the upgraded coax cable, all terminations were protected until connecting. All work was accomplished in a clean environment.

Now to the problem. There is no music with the Leo in the chain with 48k and multiples of 48k. The sound is a combination of ticking/popping/screeching. Music is great with 44.1k and multiples of 44.1 wether it be 16 bit or 24 bit. I had zero issues regardless of sampling rates with the Aries G2/Vega G2 combo.

I called my dealer and was told they had one other Leo with the exact symptoms. When the unit was sent back to Auralic they were told the unit had dust in the coax connection. After blowing the connections out with compressed air the Leo functioned perfectly. Although I was somewhat skeptical of this explanation I did exactly that, blew out the connections on both the Vega and Leo as well as both ends of the coax cable.

After turning the stack back on and allowing the necessary hour for the Leo’s temperature to stabilize, I played both 44.1k and 48k tracks. No change. The 44.1k (and multiples of) play beautifully and a screeching mess out of 48k and multiples thereof.

I am utilizing Lightning Link with Audioquest Diamond HDMI between the Aries to Vega and Vega to Leo.
(I bought the second AQ cable with the thought of adding the Sirius when available knowing it is overkill Vega to Leo). Coax cable runs from Leo to Vega. So all connections are correct. Running 6.0 firmware.
All sampling rates play great without the Leo in the mix. Only sampling rates of 44.1 and multiples of play with the Leo in the chain.

I conclude that the 48k clock in the Leo is defective. Am I wrong?


cant believe the dust was the problem . with such expense the quality control should mean perfect when it gets to the customer period


I had a similar issue, except that:

  1. It was not “out of the box”.
  2. It was 44.1KHz and its derivatives that failed (48K worked fine).
    Here’s the thread:

When it was finally resolved I was told “dust” was the culprit.
Anyway, the unit (LEO GX) has not failed since … and it’s been about 4 months.

Good luck.


Thanks for responding and the link. Glad to hear your issue was resolved and dependable since. Auralic is now checking to see if my problem is due to a faulty board in the Vega G2. I understand there was a batch of boards that didn’t play well with the Leo.

Yesterday I did due diligence disassembling all cabling and meticulously reassembling (no different than I did the first time) utilizing compressed air again on all connections as well as wrench snug with relaxed bends in all cables -covering all points stated by Auralic that could contribute to the problem, The only change I made was reversing the coax cable. Garbled music with pops and screeches still.


For all LEO GX we sold, we request customer to ship the VEGA G2 back in order to make sure the LEO GX will match the VEGA G2 for proper operation. For this LEO GX which sold by dealer, we do not have have the VEGA G2 on our hand so we are not sure if both device match each other. The S/N of VEGA G2 you sent to me appears to be in latest version which should work but we usually request actual machine to be in our office in order to physically check if it is compatible. If the customer is having problem match VEGA G2 with LEO GX, please let customer ship both machine back to our office, we will do necessary upgrade of VEGA G2 in order to let it match working with LEO GX.


I’m happy to report that I received both the Vega G2 and Leo GX back today and everything is now functioning perfectly. Thanks to Auralic USA support team for a prompt resolution.


Good news, congratulations!


Hello to everyone!

I couldn’t stop myself commenting about this. Of course I share the positive feeling as well as the happy ending of the story. However I want to bring to everybody’s attention that this is an unacceptable situation. You buy a not very cheap equipment and due to some compatibility issue the company is asking you to send it back as if you should bring it to the grocery store next door. This is absolutely irresponsible and definitely not acceptable. We are talking here about G2 series which is introduced almost more than a year ago and not a product several years of age.

To make it clearly understandable I will give you my personal example. I purchased a VEGA G2 by ordering online in USA directly from Auralic, which was shipped to my shipping address in New York belonging to an international courier company. Later it was shipped to my home address somewhere in the Middle East. I paid shipping, customs tax and VAT.

Luckily I am not planning to buy a LEO. If I would, you can imagine the headache and difficulties of sending VEGA G2 back to USA for modification.

I really think this is a joke. Even if it looks as a perfect customer service, I think it is exactly the opposite.
Again this is a general remark and I have no intention to take away the happiness of a problem being solved.


Certainly not optimal, I agree. I made similar comments to yours in my direct communications with Auralic. However, I feel compelled to defend them in this manner: The product when functioning as designed does so brilliantly. I respect any manufacture who sponsors a forum such as this since it invites all experiences and opinions positive and negative. I obviously don’t have the statistics, but venture that the collective of negative here far outweighs the overall Auralic users experience. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. As a business owner myself, I know from personal experience it’s how timely and well problems are dealt with that lives long after the problem (itself) is forgotten.

I am of the opinion that Auralic has accomplished amazing things in its short tenure. What I am experiencing with Auralic G2/X in my system clearly bests the performance of components from long established and well respected audio manufacturers that I have utilized prior. Sure, it’s not unreasonable to expect perfection given how much these things cost, however I’m willing to throw my support behind a company that is clearly pushing the envelope to achieve more perfect music reproduction.


Well said!


I am getting ready to buy a Leo GX from Upscale Audio, but don’t know what to do first in order to match both units, my current VEGA G2 and a new LEO GX. The S/N of my Vega G2 is OKZ57601. So based on the S/N, does it properly updated to work fine with a brand new Leo GX or do I need buy the Leo GX first and then send both units to technical services to match them? Please advise. Thanks.


Why don’t you ask Upscale Audio directly? They are the one’s responsible for service on your purchased products, and knowledge about them.



The customer purchased VEGA G2 in January 2019 and the problem was because his machine was installed with old microcode in the factory which belong to a version prior to March 2018. That version is not compatible with LEO GX. We got the customer’s unit back and found the problem then updated the microcode. Actually any unit shipped after March 2018 should have latest microcode and we are now talking with the factory to see what has happen and why the customer’s unit was with old microcode. I hope this is individual case but we have informed all our distributor and dealers that for any customer who buy LEO GX should send their VEGA G2 back to dealer or AURALIC’s place to make sure the machine will fully compatible with the clock.


Oh ok. Thanks a lot for the information, so I understand the situation much better now. Therefore, as soon as I buy the Leo, I’ll be carefully following the instruction provided to the dealer by Auralic concerning this matter.