New flac radio station Hi online

To all the Auralic users.

Hot news!

A brandnew top flac internet radio station from the hifine company in the Netherlands.

( also the Accuphase importer for the BeNeLux countries)

Owner Paul Hattink, who gained fame with his selfmade and recorded ‘stonehenge’ cd’s

added the hi online flac radio station as his 9 th station but the first in 1411 kbs.

Past this link and add this station and enjoy🎶

Auralic G2 on Accuphase DC-37 Dac and 2450 pre-amp/A-75 power amp on the new Tannoy GRF gold reference…

Kind regards,


Studio Rispens



Dank u,dat ga ik eens bij mijn favorieten zetten