New Firmware 6.1


Two hours ago a new firmware was installed on my G2 - FW 6.1. What’s new?

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My Vega G1 has disable volume, airplay.

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Seems to work fine. @Xuanqian Firmware release notice would be nice to have when the firmware is available. If you cannot avoid automatic updates it would be good that you can read what the changes are,
Unfortunately the following change is not implemented

21 feb.

We have confirmed this feature and will probably be added in 6.1 firmware, there will be three styles: current one, text only, cover art only.


6.1 also now on my orig Aries.


On my Aries G2 after firmware update option “Enable Volume Control” in Streamer Setup section was switched to “Off” and on Vega G2 connected via Lightning Link volume was set to 100 (maximum) but not displayed (only Lightning Link on display). Thanks God for big columms that managed full power of Merak for few seconds.

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I was playing music and got a pop up notification on Lightning DS asking me to reboot as a new firmware has been downloaded. I clicked “No” as I was playing music and didn’t want any weird pops from the rebooting process.

I then put the Aries to sleep.

Can I presume that 6.1 has been installed after I woke it up again?

On the web interface, it says 6.1 but I can’t find anything on Lightning DS that says the same.

If it has installed, I presume that putting it to sleep and then back on is equivalent to a reboot? Otherwise, how do I reboot other than manually powering off and on again?


There is a release note at the usual place:


Release notice comes a bit slower due to website CDN cache update delay. We suggest everyone who use VEGA G2 to add to this version, especially if folks using Lightning Link with either ARIES G2 or LEO GX.

Full release notice here:


Can you please add the ability to choose more options for display? Perhaps in addition to always on or auto off after 5-10 seconds, maybe add auto off when not playing music, and auto on when playing music.

I like to keep my digital on 24/7, and do sleep the units at night or when not playing for extended periods, but I usually listen on and off all day, so having the option to have the display always on when playing music, and always off when not playing music would be a very useful feature.

Also, thank you so much for the volume disable, Leo enable/disable for comparison and most of all output level reduction! These are awesome additions to the platform, and are really useful!



I had some isssues with volumen regulation in Aires / VEGA setup, but solved it.

@Xuanqian, have you tweaked something for improvement of sound quality in Aries in 6.1?


I dream about automatically switching off the display after 10-15 seconds in Auralic Aries Femto. Vega does it without a problem.

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I think it is possible, please start a separate thread in feature request section and we will see how to do imply the feature.


No, we did not change anything relating to sound in this firmware version. This version is mostly bug fixes and new features for VEGA G1/G2.


Thanks for clarification. Verdict: My hearing has fooled me.

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When I have doubts, I turn off all audio equipment. I turn it on again after 48 hours. I listen and listen and … I know more than before. Once, the break lasted for a week. Always helps.


Hi, Xuanqian…

For clarification then, the sonic changes that were implemented in 6.0.b3 ( or earlier ) have been preserved/ retained through to the 6.1 release firmware. Is that correct? Thanks!


On Vega G2, new firmware provides output trim option of -6 and -12. Does anyone know if this affects output impedance to preamp/amp?

My integrated has input sensitivity of of 360 mV. I currently set my Vega G2 column to 95 and it sounds much better than 100. The recommended volume setting of 85 is too soft and sound stage is compromised.

Will output trim feature replace using volume setting for output impedance to preamp/amp? Why do we need this feature since volume once set does not affect sound quality?

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It does not change impedance but -6dB is much lower than volume at 95.


Thank you Xuanqian!

I will continue to use the volume to fine tune my sound preference specific to my system.

I’m still not clear on this new option and purpose of use but it sounds like the new output setting somehow lowers volume output. What’s confusing is dB is a result of the loudness level so if you lower by -6, I guess you are just getting less of everything without changing impedance output levels.


Is the attennuation executed in the digital DAC domain or is it purely in the analogue section?