New coming software upgrades

Many thanks for your reply, copying exactly what Xuanqian already told us.

I have tried to get some idea when my g1 aries serial no. K4SJT05M Returned for repair months ago and no feedback at all when it will be returned A RICHARDSON

Great to hear, look forward to the upgrades.

Please Xuanquian,
Is there any progress on this point or should we forget about it?

I don’t think much is moving forward at this point in time and I don’t need to explain why. Be patient until things get under control.

Read this:
“We don’t give dead timeline of any future development. Historical lessons told us we should never set a deadline for development, quality issue always happens if we rush to finish something. We will release it when we believe it is ready for public use.”


That’s funny, I just got it. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

update… finally returned , auralic usa replaced all boards. back to normal now thanks

How to participate in testing? The links for testflight on How to join Beta Testing program don’t work anymore. :upside_down_face:

The links on the Auralic web site work. I just tried them 30 seconds ago.

gives me an Oops page…

## The page you were looking for doesn’t exist

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved

So I meant the first link, the second does work…

Ask directly to xuanqian by PM to be enrolled in the TestFlight program for LDS. I’m not sure it stills open (Auralic maybe have enough testers ?).

You have to sign up in LDS.
In the left home bar the upper icon My Account.
Goto My Device-> Click your device.
Goto About This Device and fill the box that says “I want to receive beta testing … product”.

I think Wilfried want to test LDS software on IOS, not the firmware. This is why he mentionned testflight :

Or it’s a mistake of our friend ?

@deuch: you are right :wink:

The aforementioned link in LDS I am aware of.