New coming software upgrades

Hi Xuanqian,
Can you tell us more about the coming upgrade of the LDS software or firmware for the G2?
My CD spinner broke down so now I think it would be better to wait so I can plug a cd-rom player into the G2. Any news on that?

Are we really entering the domain of appliance products? I am not at all interested in these “useless” non audio playback related features. I have a Mac for these sort of tasks, please leave the audio equipment designated to simply playing audio.

A phrase close to my heart: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”



More important for me is that all audio functions are 100% stable. And the promised tutorial for the room correction should finally come.

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Luckily you are not alone on this world.
And… it’s not mandatory to use those features.

Lightning DS side, we have corrected a couple of interface and crashing bugs relating to iOS 13, the team is testing dark mode now while I need to work out some other qobuz relating issue. The next version (5.6) is due coming pretty soon. Meanwhile version 5.7 is already in planning and will release before end of this year. This version will include more features for TIDAL and Qobuz content inside Lightning DS. The LDS 6.0 will bring even more changes but I will keep it as a secret for now, the 6.0 is also not far away.

Firmware side, we are working on CD playback and CD ripping feature. We will integrate full metadata service. The CD playback will base on ripping-then-playing principle. The data will come from memory cache rather than just directly from CD disk. We will imply multiple of error correction technology during the ripping process to ensure best possible quality (similar to EAC software). It means the sound quality should be superior than a regular CD player. Another feature we are planning, but not yet started, is Amazon Alexa control. Our device will not integrate Alexa service but only possible to be controlled by other Alexa device (like Amazon Echo) to play music. Due to hardware limitation, the CD playback and ripping will only come to selected devices. Old product such as ARIES MINI, due to its system memory limitation, will not receive this feature.


Thank you. Tutorial should come sometime between February and March 2020, we are planning to shoot it at a new location early next year.


Hi @Anthrow,

That’s a great quote which I believe all engineers should strive to achieve, Apple years ago followed that mantra but sadly no more and it can leave one rather frustrated when things go wrong as a result.

If more functionality is “added” then at a minimum it needs to be 100% certain it doesn’t impact on existing functionality!

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Dear Xuanqian,

That’s excellent news :+1:

I believe the “new” features could be a good addition. But I have three vital requests:

  1. The implementation of new features do not compromise sound quality.

  2. As has been the case of other firmware upgrades the sound quality was enhanced. The G2 really made great strides in sound quality with the last firmware updates.

  3. Stable, rock solid software and firmware for all the Auralic devices only enhances the brand. Right now Auralic has achieved premium build quality and a distinctive look. The software and firmware stability needs to be the same.



reported /discussed with you on this forum about the intermittent fault of my gi aries initial back to dealer and the fault happen serial number K4SJT05M, RETURNED BY DEALER , can you track it and any news about it . not sure were it was sent a richardson

So out of impatience for the new firmware I already built a heavy duty, hi end USB CD-rom drive.



Tell more about it. It looks awesome. What drive, mods, power supplies etc?
Is there a Blu-ray drive that will work as well? Maybe it would play SACDs too?

It was mentioned earlier in the thread that due to hardware limitation, the CD playback and ripping will only come to selected devices. Old product such as ARIES MINI, due to its system memory limitation, will not receive this feature.

I am assuming therefore that it is safe to say that the Aries Femto will not support this functionality?

It’s a Lenovo USB-disc drive.
Very slim and quiet.
Both sides are first covered with anti vibration bitumen.
Then both sides then have a ceramic layer and then the cover plate of which the top one is laser cut with text.
Some anti vibration feet under the whole and voilá.
It reads everything but I guess only the RedBook CD files will work with the Arius G2.
Power is provided trough the (very snake oil kind of HiEnd) USB cable.
Now it’s just waiting for the software to come into existence and test the hell out of it.
After that it will only get used when someone brings a CD with info not already in my dBase, Qobuz or Tidal. So probably never.
It was a fun project just as the dedicated Arius/Audio NAS I posted in the other thread. Which works amazing and without any failure ever.
Next project is probably spray painting the Arius in a beautiful Fire dept. red colour.

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ARIES have 512MB memory cache, and this is the problem.

We are ripping CD track by track and the data is firstly stored inside the memory cache before the entire track has been captured. For a regular CD the entire disk will be 700MB, so technically if the whole CD is one track or any track that is over 40 minutes, then the data will be over 512MB then it won’t work.

That’s why we will bring this feature to the G series only for the beginning. However we will not give up to make it happen on the old device like ARIES Femto, old ALTAIR and POLARIS. ARIES MINI is unfortunately not on the list.

Please accept me as a tester for this.
I’m set up and ready.

Thank you for the clarification… I think my misunderstanding was based on the technical description of the Aries having a Quad Core Cortex-A9 processor running at 1GHz with 1GB DDR3 RAM, however I appreciate that not all of the RAM would be available for the caching function, hence your reference to 512MB.

Fingers crossed that this functionality may make it at some point in the future in some form as I think it would really demonstrate goodwill to sustain a product beyond what maybe some on us have become accustomed to in the industry, where forced obsolescence and wasteful replacement of perfectly good equipment is the norm.

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Very good! Thank you!

Best regards

Hello Xuanquian!
Can you tell us something about timing of future Aries fw release? I imagine that new features you announced need lots of time and patience to be tested, and patience is friend to quality! :wink:

Read this: