Native DSD support for the Aries

I currently have two Aries’s, one Femto and one G1. While i am quite happy with them, they sound good and are very stable, there is one thing that is nagging me;
There have been claims of Aries being able do do NativeDSD along with almost every XMOS and Amanero-based DAC.

Now, this is not how i experience this.
I have four different DACs that all will do Native DSD under Windows, with ASIO drivers. Three of them have XMOS USB reciever chips and one of them has an Amanero.

Topping D10 does native DSD256 in Windows, does not work at all with Aries without a power injector. When supplied extra power it does DSD128 Native with Aries. (DSD256 in Native is just noise)

Topping NX4 DSD does Native DSD512 in Windows with ASIO drivers. With Aries it does native DSD128, no more. More than that, just noise…(XMOS)

Simaudio Moon D3-module in my HA430 does DSD256 Native with Windows ASIO, does not do Native at all with Aries (XMOS)

Nagra HD DAC should do DSD128 Native with Windows, but my drivers are lost and i have been trying fo a year now to get access to them. Anyway, the Nagra does not do Native DSD at all with Aries.

Now, all of these work just fine with the Aries up to PCM384 (or PCM768 for the NX4) and with DSD128 DoP (DSD256 with the NX4) so this is not a major issue for me.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a great many hurdles to overcome if your DAC is to do NativeDSD with any appliance other than with custom Windows drivers. And i am sure this does not only apply to Auralic products, i have the same issue in Roon and with their Linux-based endpoints too.

Does anyone here have a DAC connected to an Auralic product that actually does NativeDSD to it’s maximum resolution?


Maximum native DSD256 for me…

I am not sure where you tried the list or some setup was wrong but Nagra HD DAC can work with ARIES under native DSD with their latest firmware. The reason we know that is because we loaned an ARIES G2 to a dealer during a trade show and they use native format to play DSD256.

I don’t see what needs to be configured, other than setting the sample rate to DSD128(44x) - DSD128(44x Native)?
And i have tried all of these but the Toppings are the only ones doing DSD128 Native, but no more.

The Nagra HD DAC has never done DSD256, in either native or DoP format. You must be referring to the newer Tube DAC or the HD DAC X, both of which do DSD256.