Native DSD settings or compatibility issue?

Hello there. Being a new owner of a nice Aries G1, I am just fighting with correct configuration to play native dsd instead DoP.
My DAC is an Audio-gd R-7HE of very last generation, linked thru an Audioquest Diamond USB cable to the Amanero board, able (?) to play all DSD formats natively. Well…When I activate PCM auto detect, my G1 correctly auto set sampling rates, setting itself on DoP for DSD 64 and 128 and those formats play regularly. When I try to force to native 64 and/or 128, or try to play higher DSD, the sad pink noise warns me that something is not going right…Where am I doing wrong? Any suggestion to fully appreciate my system will be appreciated…Help! :frowning:

Welcome in the sad world of different standards.
I had exactly the seem experience with my T+A DAC8DSD which can play DSD512.
But… The Amanero board is not working with Linux based native dsd .
Amanero has an upgrade that is able to handle native DSD from a Linux based audio device but… many manufacturers are reluctant to update because of stability issues.
There are drivers for Windows10. So you can play native DSD from a Windows platform
I ask T+A every 4 months if the update is ready…


My ARIES G1 in combination with the MYTEK BROOKLYN DAC plays native DSD64 and 128 files. Until yet I have not tried any DSD512 files and expect it will play well when I get an album in that format.

Thank you all for your answers. Even if not yet solved the problem, I could then understand that my attention need to be addressed to Amanero USB board: the “guilty guy” is placed there. So, the topic jumps out of Auralic scope and can be closed here.