NAS to Aries G2

Hi There, Can I connect direct using Lan cable from NAS to Aries G2 without a Switch?

Normally yes but you need to use the DHCP server of the synology to give ip to the NAS or Aries.

Or you define a static ip for both, but not sure that it will work at the end :slight_smile:

You avoid a router not a switch in your case :slight_smile:

Thanks @deuch

My other question. If network configuration is set to connected through Wired, then how am I going to use my Ipad to control the Aries G2 via Wifi?

No :slight_smile: For that you need that your iPad and Aries are on the same network. And for that you need a router at some point for the Wifi.

I forgot the IOS control app, sorry :expressionless:

No worries @deuch
I am now able to setup NAS DHCP and connected NAS direct to Aries G2.

Able to play a song from the Aries G2 front panel control…but loosing the IOS control app

I wonder if Auralic Aries G2 can allowed to user to have both wifi and wired connected? Or Aries G2 able to have its own wifi hotspot while connected to storage in NAS through wired…

I wish…:mask:

Yesterday, my friend bring his M.2 with USB enclosure and plug in to Aries G2 USB. I compare the playback of the same song from USB M.2 SSD vs Wifi NAS(My original setup).

Found out that the playback from USB M.2 SSD is much more superior than my Wifi NAS connection…

Uh… why not build a big kick ass SSD in the Arius?
That would skip all interfering apparatus.

It’s surprising, generally Auralic advice to not use USB or internal disk to avoid drawn too much power of the board.

But YMMV :slight_smile:

If you have already enough storage in your NAS, maybe a router will be the easiest solution depending of your network setup. But you will need a Wifi network to be able to control your Aries with your iPad/iPhone. An internet access to stream (Tidal/Qobuz, Radio …) and update the Aries too.

Or maybe just a wifi extender and a switch ? Nothing fancy.

Using hotspot from Aries G2 and not your home network force use to switch between wifi network if you want to have only one tablet.

An again have everything up (network stuff) at the same time will have a negative impact of the sound. The less you run, the better is the music :slight_smile:

I did try that option, a lot of noise as the internal 2.5" SSD also pulls a lot of power

Yep. That’s alas the case.

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