NAS always working

I have an Aries G1 playing wireless via iPhone/iPad from my QNAP NAS. The NAS is wired to my router and placed in another room.
When I stay in the room where my NAS is located I can hear that the NAS is always working, also when I am not playing.
Is this normal and necessary?
Is there a way of “sleep-mode” so it does not always work when not in use but ready to use when I want to play music from my Aries G1.
Thanks in advance.

Nobody have observed this?

You’d better off using search function because someone just asked same question:

Thank you but I have read this before I wrote.
It might be my bad English but I can´t see if this is the same “issue”.
The “Always on” button is not enabled in my setup.
My NAS is working all time also when not playing and Aries G1 is turned off.

When you use Lightning Server, the software will connects to your NAS and mount the network shared folder, since the SMB connection has established and will not drop, it will prevent NAS from going to sleep, this is really the same issue.