Munich High-End 2019

Any news already what Auralic might announce, present at the show later this week?

Yes, we have two new product coming this year at Munich, I think a lot of people may have known what we are going to release already but we will keep all detail available till Wednesday night.

Are you sirius!? (Sorry, couldn’t resist :innocent:)

Yes that will be interesting but now what is the second one…

Would be interesting if his new stereo amp is ready, but intuition says that’s not it yet.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what your new products are. I’m pretty sure I know what one is (and I’m looking forward to that one) but I have no idea what the second product might be.

I think a new Altair.

Best regards

Sirius G2 (not GX?)

A question now : Does it do DSD downsampling and upsampling without PCM conversion ?

And do we have the same limitation with USB output than the Aries G2 due to Galvanic Isolation (incompatibility issue with some DAC) ?

Can we use Lightning link output from Aries G2 to Sirius G2 and AES (or USB) output of the Sirius to DAC ? Or Everything (Streamer and DAC) must be connected with Lightning Link ?

1, Any DSD processing need the signal to be convert to multi-bit, the 1bit signal is simply not editable.

2, That’s why the device has two USB output.

3, It is works in a way that any input can go any output.

Ok sounds good !

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