Montreal Audio show


Just came back from the Montreal Audio Show at Place Bonaventure and I got to see and meet the AURALIC VEGA G2 oooops I mean the boys from Son Ultime and they were in the best room with a McIntosh setup. the Vega G2 was on top of that audio rack and sitting like a champ. It was a nice audio combination. the whole lower floor was nicely setup everywhere except for the upper floors where the hotel rooms ( small) were rented to put a nice audio system, they put like 6 chairs and sometimes I had the amp on my lap, way too small and there was always someone blocking the entrance to the rooms and people were talking all the time as the system were running. 2 thumbs up for Auralic to be paired with Son Ultime and McIntosh. Gregory


Thanks for the live report and hope you enjoyed the VEGA. Did you get any picture that can share with us? :stuck_out_tongue:



Here you go Summer, Droooool :wink:


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Thanks Gregory!!!