MINI and 5.6 firmware


Probably it started with the latest 5.6 beta firmware: after a few days the front buttons become un-responsive. Yesterday it took also many attempts before the Lightning app connected to the mini. Accessing the Mini additional setup pages via the iPad Lighting app also no longer works.

However, streaming still works.

To restore all I have to powercycle the mini.


Based on your description, the device actually disconnected from network because the front buttons also relay on network connection to work (they are a small control device built-in talk to MINI via local network). The problem that you are not able to access the additional setup is also because of network drop. If this happen frequently, I suggest you to try reboot WiFi router and see how it will function.



it took a while to figure this one out.

My wifi router was automatically changing the wifi 2.4MHz channel (when a channel becomes overcrowded).

After observing this for some time I saw the pattern: after the router switches the wifi channels the Aries Mini becoming unresponsive: no longer found in LDS and not responding to the front buttons anymore.

I can also trigger that behavior when I change the wifi channel manually.

For now I’ve set my router to a fixed channel and the Aries Mini has not gone AWOL since then.

None of my other wifi connected devices have issues with the channel change, only the Aries Mini.

I hope this helps and maybe can be fixed in a future firmware.


Ps. the wifi router is a Fritzbox 7490 and meanwhile I’m on R6B3 firmware.


Thanks for the update. If you have both 2.4G and 5G radio network under same name, we recommend you to separate them with individual name and let all devices to connect one radio brand as well.


WiFi ssid’s for 2.4 and 5 are different. Radiochannel switching in the 2.4 seems to be the cause. I don’t use the 5Ghz for the Mini Aries.