Merrak Monoblocks without pre amp


Just picked up a pair of Meraks at a good price to feed my Vega and Aries Femto. Am I ok with this setup? I don’t need a pre amp right?


37 people read this and no one wants to answer my question?


I don’t have a Vega, but, if it’s got a volume control, you are good to go.


Thank you. I will be receiving the amps on Wednesday. I am under the impression that it will work but the pre amp may offer better EQ. As long as it works I will be happy.


I ran my DAC direct to amp for a couple of years, sounded great. Added BHK pre, sounds appreciably better!

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Ok understandable. Separates always have been pre amp and amp. I can enjoy this until I get more funds. This will be my first mono blocks so I am happy.


I’m sure you will be very happy, until your audiophile symptoms flare up again. LOL. Enjoy!

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Thank you, my wife keeps me in check with those symptoms.


I would look for a second hand Auralic Taurus. Great sound!


It depends on what speakers you will use, the sensitivity is critical.

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Hi Xuanqian,

Let me tell you now…I have B&W XT4. sensitivity 86dB spl (2.83V, 1m). recommended amp power 50W-150W into 8 ohms.


86dB is relatively low, suggest with an analog pre-amplifier if possible but should be good without it as well.


Ok I just received them today and they are not sounding so hot. I know I have to let them warm up more. I am at 40-50 on the volume for the Vega and my wife thinks that is loud so I am stuck at around 35. I don’t think that would be optimal. Does the pre amp allow me to go to 100 on the Vega? I am using a cheaper pair of XLR which I am replacing for the Audioquest Elements Water. It does sound better at higher volume. Just as long as I am not doing harm to my system at lower volume I will have to wait for the preamp.


Sounds normal to me. If they are brand new amps, they may take a while to break in. the fact they get loud at 40-50 suggests you’ll have the proper headroom for dynamic sound.


I thought the Vega should be set to 100 for best SQ? Since, I can not do that I guess this is where the pre amp comes in to allow this?


Yes, you need another attenuator (preamp) to do that.


Roon can attenuate the signal going to the streamer is that a good thing?


Generally when it’s done in a digital way, it’s not a good thing …

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ok good point. I will keep the volume as high as my wife will allow. lol


One solution would be a passive preamp or even a quality attenuator - no amplification. Schiit makes a decent one for $49: Of course, you can go as high as you want. A good stepped attenuator by itself (no connections or case) is $250+.

This allows you to keep the VEGA gain higher by turning it down at the attenuator.