LUMIN App for iPad No Longer Sees Aries G2 After Update

After installing the ‘bug fix’ v6.1.14 update for the iPad version of the LUMIN app, the app no longer sees my Aries G2. LUMIN app v6.1.13 worked fine with the G2. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.

Appears to be OK with my Aries G1. Lumin has been variable for a while now, has been discussed on other user forums and Lumin did respond.

@KJH: Thanks for the response. Looks like others are having issues with LUMIN v6.1.14 for iPad:

Interestingly, the Esoteric Sound Stream app mentioned in the above Audioshark thread works for the Auralic accessing my MinimServer library stored on my Melco, but the Esoteric app will not accept my Qobuz or Tidal passwords.

Having the same issues on my Altair G1 - The Lumin app was working flawlessly until the 6.1.14 update - I don’t believe its connecting with the unit and when I try and select a track for playback, the application just crashes. I am able to reproduce this on my my iPhone Xr and iPad. Have deleted and re-downloaded the apps to no avail. Clearly, some change was made to the app to have broken things somewhere…

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