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My Aires and Auralic G2 gets lost all the time. When restarting my Aries it shows up 1-2 out of 10 times. I listen more to CD these days. My G2 gets about 1 hours attention to restarting per week. Otherwise I stay on the CD player their as well.

I am so fed up with both my Auralic products so I consider getting rid of them and get something else.

The G2 does not work to connect to Ethernet.

Without a doubt, you have a configuration issue.
ComHem hardware is about as useful in these situations as trading sand in the Sahara… And, your iPad is set in flight mode, why?
You should talk to your dealer who can assist and walk you through a recomended setup strategy?

Ime, most of these issues are resolved with a proper wireless router. Linksys WRT1900 as an example.

You need something rather than this ISP cable modem, the WiFi function built-in just won’t work. Even your AURALIC is connected to Ethernet, your iPad and iPhone are still running on WiFi. A $100 Netgear R7000 or Linksys WRT1900 will simply save you from endless pain.

The flight mode is temporärt. The issue hace been a constant factor. Do You mean that the stability of the network so I have to change network provider ?

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Thanks Xuanqian

I will go and buy this immediately

Skickat från min iPhone

Hej Carl,
Nejdå, men den hårdvara som ComHem erbjuder är långt ifrån optimal för musikstreaming. Om du följer Mr Wangs råd och skaffar en “riktig” router och dedikerar denna till dina musikenheter kommer det hela säkerligen att få alldeles utmärkt.

Du kan även skapa ett “nytt” musiknätverk genom att ansluta WAN-porten på din nya Router till ett av LAN-uttagen på din ComHem-utrustning, då får du ett visst mått av isolering och kan även testa din iPads beteende när den och dina Auralic-produkter är anslutna till samma nätverk.

Sorry for the swedish language, but it was easier to explain this way! :slight_smile:

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I had such issue when I installed an WLAN Extender. The Aries - via WLAN -connected not to the router, which was in the same room, but to the extender in another room. I had to separate the extender, that the Aries could not detect it in the mesh network.
Now I have no problems any more.

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