Lossless CD quality and Hi-Res FLAC downloads at afforable price!


Affordable lossless FLAC downloads at very affordable price! Also included hi-res FLAC contents!



Had a quick look at this site and indeed the content is extensive and very cheap!. My concerns are the legality of the site as the cost of whole albums is a lot less than other sites, For example Sue Foley " The Ice Queen " Flacit! $2.95 and HD Tracks £16.00 and the physical CD at Amazon £16.00. Interestingly it is registered in the UK with VAT number! but with price in Dollars and not GB Pounds and just wondering whether this is a result of us leaving the EU?. I am going to sign up and go through the ordering process and see what the experience is " Good or Bad ".


Hi All,
my first post even though I have communicated for three years with Auralic staff regarding my Auralic Aries Femto & Auralic Vega (soon to be upgraded to G2).
I did a quick Google on “flac.it” and found this link with Audiostream. There seems to be some concerns about the source of some of the music files and their use of Nelson Pass’s name (PassLabs) on their website.
Other sources have used them without any issues, but I would be wary of a company that sells music files so cheaply, as Michael Lavorgna states in the title of the Audiostream article.
But please, do not let me discourage you as certain music download sites need some new competition !!


It would be helpful to attach the link :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agree people should be cautious and indeed as you said " if it’s to good to be true then it is ", However tried to set up an account earlier but was unsuccessful. Kept going to an error page with meaningless text. I then clicked the G+ sign up link then noticed the servers are in Russia. Could be linked somehow to mp3va.com which is also in Russia and explains why the currency is in US dollars. I have used this site for years with no problem whatsoever. Is it illegal? maybe and the EU authorities and US legal system would definitely say it is, However as Russia is outside their legal boundaries not sure there is a lot they can do about it. I would say give it a try if you want, Download an album you already have ripped to Flac then compare the two. The bottom line is do you have a conscience regarding music royalty.


If you tap on the link it asks for username and password… But no way to access the site! So it’s either gone belly up or not allowing new/potential members… That speaks volumes!