Loss of Music Database

My NAS with my music library shut down for some reason so Lightning DS lost contact with the NAS. I got an error message saying the IP address of the music library was not correct and the next thing I know all of my music had been removed from the database. Once I got my NAS back up, I had to rescan from scratch. Is this normal behavior for Lightening DS to wipe that database so eagerly?

Can you post the screenshot of the error? It sounds like an error of Lightning Server rather than the Lightning DS

@Xuanqian Thank you for your response. Yes, I meant Lightning Server, I’ve only had the Aries G2 for a week and I’m still learning the terminology. The error message is long gone but it occurred when Lightning Server lost contact with my NAS. There were two choices to click on and I gather that “Dismiss” was the wrong choice. I think the other choice was to set up a music library source but at that time I didn’t know that the NAS was down. Seems a bit too easy to have your music database wiped out, requiring a complete rescan. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Yes, like every real time dBase does.
No errors there.

Edit: somewhat to eager to give this non-sense reaction.
Sorry for that.

IMO the database inside Aries should stay unharmed and present although the source is temporarily absent. Of course you won’t be able to access your music tracks as long as the NAS is down, but after ist’s up and running again, you’re back in play, aren’t you?

My understanding is that Lightning Server creates a “copy” of your music library on the Aries. This copy contains pointers to the actual location of the files and album artwork for quick access by Lightning DS. If Lightning Server loses contact with the source, i.e., NAS, it should not overwrite the database. For some reason when my NAS went down, I inadvertently caused Lightning Server to scan while there was no source available and my database was deleted. This was a little too easy to do. I did not know that the NAS was down at that point so the error message that the IP address of my music library was incorrect was very confusing (I had been listening to music 10 minutes earlier) and it was not clear which of the two choices I needed to click on. Next time I get the message I will first check that the NAS is running before clicking on anything.

I was curious. So I shut down my NAS where my music files are stored. Then I started my Aries G1 and LDS thereafter. LDS showed the following:

I then tried to playback a music track and received this message:

When I hit „Dismiss“, the message disappeared. Hitting „Learn more“ brought up this information:

After I had restarted my NAS, everything was fine. My database inside Aries as well as LDS were unharmed, like I said. And playback of music was possible again:

No need to re-build the database from scratch :blush:


Lightning Server keep a index of the library, includes a physical path of where the music are stored. If the physical path (NAS) is no longer available, you will not be able to play it since the file is unreachable. Lightning Server will not flush the index if the NAS goes down, unless you manually delete the path so nothing needs to worry about.