Looking to demo vega 2

Hi! I have been reading and reading and about ready to purchase the Vega G2. My systems are Roon on a Mac mini. I have PS Audio BHK Pre and BHK Direct Stream DAC with Revel Studio 2 speakers and Rel subs. My other system is a Classe CA-2300 amp with B&W 802’s. I would love to be able to demo the Vega 2 both directly into my amps and through the BHK pre. I live in the Baltimore area. Anyone with a Vega 2 around that would like to get together and listen? Thanks! Ken

OK, responding to my own post: I got my Vega G2 about a week ago, and have been integrating it into my two systems with and without a preamp. Wow. Amazing resolution. Comparing to my PSAudio Direct Stream, with the new Windom update has been fun. The DS certainly is nice and has a wonderful smoothness. But the Auralic wakes you up with additional detail and imaging. I hear sounds I had not heard before! And they come from very specific places in the soundstage. I do think it benefits from the preamp (PS Audio BHK). I am preferring the ‘smooth’ filter on the Vega G2. Ken.


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