Listening Habits and Sources

I’ve noticed a general change in my listening habits and surprisingly a leaning more towards “streaming”, was wondering if others are/have experienced similar.

Two or three years back I would say the split was 50% CD, 40% Vinyl and 10% FM Tuner.

Now it’s easily 75% Streaming, 20% Vinyl and 5% CD.

I realise that’s not the whole picture because in my case streaming involves “ripping” of cd’s and digital radio so I’ve probably also swapped “conveyor” rather than a just a true change.

But what stands out is before I was an even 50%/50% split between Digital and Analog, now it’s 80%/20% heavily in favour of Digital, helped no doubt by Streaming’s “jack of all trades” duties.

For me : 20% streaming with tidal and 80% of music stored in a NAS. No more physical support for the last 10 years.

For me the answer is easy; 100% streaming from albums stored in my Synology NAS. No radio because I can‘t listen to music that I haven‘t elected myself. (And never any sort of background music; 100% of concentrated attention or silence).

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Since subscribing to Qobuz hires and getting my Aries G2 I’m now listening 50% my downloaded library, 40% Qobuz and 10% vinyl. A good vinyl recording is still special but digital just keeps getting better and better.

All of my listening is done via streaming. I have all of my CD’s ripped to the hard drive on an iMac and copied to the SSD hard drive on my Aries Mini. I still buy the occasional CD when I cannot find it on Tidal and the CD’s get ripped immediately. I have a CD player but I never use it and all of my CD’s are in storage in my basement.

I stream a lot music on Tidal. I have tried Qobuz twice, but I have stuck with Tidal because there are a bunch of CD’s available on Tidal that are not available on Qobuz. I listen to a lot of Americana music, and Qobuz is kind of week on that type of music. My vinyl albums are long gone.

About 50% on NAS music and 50% on streaming. I dont have a CD player for probably more than 10 years and in the past 3 (maybe 4) years, I dont even have CD/DVD drive on my computer anymore.

Indeed, you are a mac user :slight_smile:

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100% streaming. I listen to at least one new-to-me album everyday, so the value of Qobuz and Tidal, even when subscribing to both, is exceptional.

I too have transferred completely to streaming since purchasing an Aries Mini. In fact it has brought recorded music back to the forefront in my life. I subscribe to hi-def Tidal and think it is wonderful - it is rarely that I can’t find what I am looking for. I still buy CDs (2nd hand from Ebay) and they are immediately ripped to FLAC via DB Powerblaster on my iMac and transferred to a portable HDD plugged into the Aries Mini. The FLACs are also copied to my Astell & Kern Junior portable music player, used with B&W P5 bluetooth headphones (for travel and insomnia). My one exception to streaming is playing CDs in the car - the best sound quality available in my not so new car.
Have not played vinyl for 25 years. In fact my wife gave me a Riga P1 for a recent birthday, and when I rescued the vinyls from the attic, there were so few I had not replaced on CD (and can access them all via Tidal) that we returned it and bought Fyne Audio F500 speakers.

I have listened to very high end vinyl at demo sessions in our local dealer and, in my opinion the sound is not a patch on the Aries Mini.
I’m a freelance photographer and I draw the analogy with film vs digital photography. High quality digital image files are now way ahead of film, but I acknowledge that many enjoy the analogue process. Same with vinyl vs streaming.

It’s certainly reassuring to know I’m not alone in this gradual migration of listening source even though the comments are probably not that unexpected, after all this is a Streaming forum, but what has really surprised me is the relative speed of the whole process.

The only slight concern apart from feeling disloyal to my LP12 is basically one of “eggs in one basket”. If all your enjoyment comes out of one box and that box breaks then you are left high and dry, same applies with the internet.

On the other hand, retaining alternative sources would at least keeps the music flowing.

Not sure if the above is a realistic risk or not with how tech has progressed with regards to reliability, and I suppose the same could be said if your Amp or Speakers failed.

Although I no longer have the Sony FM Tuner connected (boxed in attic) I do still appreciate the sound the LP12 and Naim CDX2 produce, so there presence is still reassuring, but I can now see that a day may come when they also might no longer be around!

Does anyone else have or did have similar worries of using a single source?

Since owning Aries G1 and Chord Qutest DAC now 90% streaming with Qobuz and 5% NAS /5% CD (sacd).
What a difference to 12 months ago 100% CD/SACD.
My dear Father (God Rest Him) would have been in his element with HI Res streaming and wouldnt have needed a CD and Vinyl store library in the house!!

40% Qubuz, 40% NAS and 20% singing under the shower.

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And you listen to all those sources at the same time. Ah, those italian people always exagerate

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Not sure “sing under the shower” really qualifies as a “source” under the spirit of this discussion, but I suppose it does have one positive, namely if all tech fails you’ll still have the “singing”, even though the water may be cold!

I won’t even touch on the subject of whether your neighbours appreciate this new music source…

  • 60 % Streaming (Tidal)
  • 10 % Internet Radio over the Mini, if rate > 256 kbps
  • 10 % Flac from SSD in the Mini (ca. 500 ripped CDs + 12 download albums in studio master quality)
  • 20 % Vinyl (old and new)
  • 0 % CD (fall back device only)
  • 0 % Compact Cassettes (just to be able to play the lost’n’found)

I prefer the tub.

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Hi. The G1 goes a long way to improve the “nastiness” of digital ( im an avid vinly fan). I enjoy listening to digital through the g1 though , But when it comes to vinly thats another world. Vinly has that emotion that draws you in and you can “feel the music”.

Having said that , having both mediums to play though its like audiphile heaven.
Enjoy your music.

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100% my files on the NAS. 30, 685 Albums (but who’s counting) with zero need or desire to go outside for any music. The Vega G2 serves it up like candy and I keep a sweet tooth🎩

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Ok John, what gives, that’s only enough for 3.5 years of uninterrupted listening, not nearly enough for a single (serious) session :blush:

But seriously, that makes my current 626 albums look puny by comparison, you must have a few lost treasures in there somewhere.

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Thanks and yes my library is full of lost treasures. I am adding to the library all the time and it is a fun hobby.