Lightning Server unable to scan music library on Synology NAS

Worked fine until yesterday until I attempted to “Rescan All Paths” to add new files. Unable to proceed further due “Music Library Is Empty” when LDS is selected on my iPhone. Any workaround for this anomaly?

Try restart the ipad, if not enough try restarting nas and router.

I have the same, new issue: no music found on my NAS, if I scan via my mobilephone. If I use my iPad: everything is working fine. It seems there is a bug on the mobilephone App 5.6.1: if I scan for the library or for update: the App quites!

Use Erase Lightning Server Index to flush database and let it rebuild.

I have attempted erasing Lightning Server Index followed by “Re-scan All Paths” to rebuild however even after an overnight session of trying to reload my library (which is fairly large, about 2400 albums), I have encountered no success. I believe there is some conflict between Lightning Server and the latest iOS 13.3 that requires to be resolved.

Have you tried deleting LDS from the iPhone, then reinstall.

You will need to go through the whole setup process again like putting in your account login and rescanning your files, but it might sort out the disappearing library.

I had similar on moving from iPad Mini to my new Pro, after installing the Mini backup on the Pro I had a few occasions when starting LDS in the morning of missing music or empty library, I could get it to populate again but it wasn’t a permanent fix.

The reinstall of LDS though did sort it out, might be worth a try.

glad to hear you finally swapped your vintage iPad :blush:

Does your nas receive an update recently ?

I’m using an iPad Pro with 13.3 latest update with no such issues. But it’s iPad OS now and not iOS.

I can have issue if I power off (sleep) the Aries G2 with the application instead of using the power on/off physical button.
When I put the Aries to sleep with the App, generally LDS on iPad can not find the Aries anymore. I’ve to power off/on to solve this.

If I’m using the power button only, I’ve no issue.

Thanks for the tip Simon. I did consider doing a reinstall as a last resort but keep hoping there is a workaround because it takes me 4-5 hours to reload my library. I like LDS because it has an option of grouping files to their repective sampling rates. Generally DSD sounds better than PCM on the majority of material with a few rare exceptions. I am still playing the Aries Femto as I’m skeptical about the display screen on the G1/G2 interfering with the sound of the streamer.

I’ve heard about the power button issue on the G1/G2 previously. Hopefully there will be a bug fix on the next LDS update to address this problem.

You could do the reinstall when going to bed, just connect iPhone to power and may be temporarily set Auto Lock to Never (not sure if the latter is actually required though), that way it does all the hard work while “you” are sleeping.

All I can say about the LCD display is my Altair sounds very good, and the screen isn’t on all the time, mines set so it comes on when each new song starts for about a few seconds, the rest of the time it’s off (as long as you don’t keep jumping around your library). Also you can reduce the intensity down to almost nothing.

Anyhow, hope you sort the library issue.

Yes, thought it was time, been seeing discounts in the States for a while now but very few in UK until recently.

Mini 2 doesn’t owe me anything since I purchased it when they first came out, in fact nephew has it for games now so it’s still productive.

Must say the Pro is a marked improvement, 8 cores, that’s more than my iMac’s got (probably the next upgrade when they refresh the design).

Talking about the Mac, just noticed Metadatics has released an update, one of the bugs fixed is possible data corruption (just remembering another discussion not so long back), so might be worth updating.

Apologies Gary for going off topic.

2400 albums is pretty small actually, the scan should complete anytime unless there is an error from the NAS side. What you need to do is to see if Lightning Server actually picked up music. If Lightning Server did picked up music but iPad shows Music Library is Empty, then you need to use Refresh Cache function rather than Rescan Path.

Refresh Cache: Update library cache stored on iPad (Lightning DS)
Rescan Path: Update library index stored inside streaming device (Lightning Server)

Lightning DS pull data from Lightning Server (if you choose it) and cache it on iPad storage.

It is quite strange as I have 2 Libraries available on my iPhone (MUSICBANK and Lightning Server) and when I select MUSICBANK, I don’t have a problem, however when I select library to Lightning Server, it says that the Music Library is empty. If I switch back to MUSICBANK, all the files are available. Refreshing Cache on Lightning Server almost instantly shows that Music Library is empty. BTW I am using an iPhone and not an iPad for this purpose. Do I need to erase MUSICBANK and then rescan the entire contents stored on my NAS to populate Lightning Server to get it to work?

NAS scanning via iPhone was working fine since months, now the App stopps. New App installation: no change.
Worksaround: connecting and scanning NAS via Lightning Server works! Funny: on the iPad there is no problem, same version as on iPhone. The only change: iPhone XS instead of 6S