Lightning Link cable (HDMI) choice

Dear all,

Just curious what brand of HDMI cable u choose when connecting yr G2 combo (Aries G2 and Vega G2). I know that the reference cable what Auralic recommend is Audioquest Diamond (1m only). Apart from Audioquest Diamond, any good choice from the market. To me, 1m is really too short. Will the sound be bad if using 1.5m HDMI cable.


No, the sound will not be bad. The sound will be exactly the same no matter what hdmi cable you use.

Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 works great for me…and considerably less than the AQ Diamond.

I don’t think so. The sonic different is huge when compared Audioquest Diamond with a pc of USD 30 HDMI cable. Don’t underestimate the important of this HDMI cable, but better of not overspend!

Tks for your input! I nearly forget this brand!

There will be sync issue if the cable is beyond 1.5m, you will not be able to play PCM above 192K and some DSD format, such as DSD256

Oh! I see! Tks for your input!

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