Lightning DS restarts continously


I have an iPhone 6 with IOS 12.1.2, lightning DS restarts all the time.

Can you please assist?

Same with me

Same problem here. I have a brand new Aries G2 and I can’t even get the lightning ds app to open - crashes as soon as i open it. I was mostly planning on using this to stream Tidal but cant do that without the app.

Any one know how to get this working? Auralic support has been no help. Very disappointing

Hi there.
I’ve just bought my Aries G1 (last stable 6.1 firmware installed) and downloaded Lightning DS 5.4 on my Iphone X. All ok, connections and music stream from my NAS went without any negative issue. Just when I try to connect to internet radio, sometimes Lightning put itself randomly in search mode and then crashes. It just happen with internet radio. My router and stability of my internet connection (fiber) are ok.
I suspect it’s just about the app, probably a new version will solve this. Any news or suggestions about it?

I have the same problem, I posted about it a month ago, but nothing has changed I think it’s the Lightning DS app. I use it on an iPad Pro (latest model) and iPhone 7 Plus, all up to date; the app works ok when streaming/playing from Tidal and NAS; but it crashes as soon as I try to use internet radio. Very unstable and annoying.

Well, Lightning DS app has been updated regularly until now, as I can see. We can hope for a new version in very next future! My device is fantastic sound-wise, and surely deserves attention to these little bugs too…

Same here with internet radio. Returns to home screen on iPad almost every time at some point. Sometimes after a couple minutes… other times, it may hold for an hour or more. Music continues to play but I have to relaunch the app.