Lightning DS refuses to play Qobuz


I have reasonably frequently seen that the playback from Qobuz fails in Lightning DS. It goes quiet and then after 3-5sec the dreaded “Unable to play selected straming track”…
Problem is, i can immediately select the same track with Linn Kazoo and get playback through the very same Aries G1. And since today i can just as swiftly tell Roon to play back the same song from Qobuz to my Aries and, bang!, immediate playback.

What is happening here? I try a restart of my Aries G1 (on 6.0.beta2) but no change. I try and log out of my Qobuz account and then back in again, no change… :frowning:
I’ve seen this before and out of the blue it just works again. But it aint stable… And furthermore, i have seen the same situation where i try and play the same song to my Aries Femto and it works!!! (Not right now though)


As i said, it just worked on the G1 after half an hour… I put it to sleep and wanted to play Qobuz on my Femto instead… No go…

This time, Kazoo also failed to play the Qobuz album… So, i fell back to Roon, works like a charm.


Yesterday i backed to 5.7 firmware (on both Aries) hoping it would solve the Qobuz playback issues, but sadly, no.
Just before bedtime today i played some Qobuz tracks on the G1. When i put it to sleep and woke the Femto instead, aiming to continue my listen in the bedroom, no Qobuz… ”Unable to play selected streaming track”…
And it’s quite annoying because Roon gladly streams Qobuz and Lightning DS plays Tidal just fine.

What’s going on here?


I am not sure if it is caused by DNS but we just added as primary DNS server in 6.0.beta3 firmware, let’s see if this is the root reason and can work out. The firmware is due a couple of days.


This is not the proper way to solve network issues. I do certainly not want to use Googles name servers for my Aries, thank you.
If Tidal has issues it’s not your job to fix them, no matter how many whining posts get written on this fora. And it certainly does not have anything to do with Qobuz which works just fine in every other situation. As I said, Qobuz works just fine in Roon, Bluesound and on the Qobuz app in all of my units, all of them DHCP-clients. I don’t have any issues with Tidal and have never had that either.

Fix the issue, don’t cause new ones…

That said, I will try out the new firmware and give feedback, if you consider this relevant.


I have returned to Beta firmware (6.0.beta3) since last post, and for some peculiar reason Qobuz seems to work. Haven’t seen any “Unable to play selected streaming track” yet, after a few sessions.


I am waiting for more feedback for the 6.0.beta3 now. Since is the default DNS server unless user configure manually, I dont know if it will resolve much of the problems.