Lightning DS issue


I recently converted to streaming using an Aries G2. Very impressed with the performance. I’m having a slight problem using the Lightning DS app. I’m streaming using Qobuz and am adding albums to ‘Collection’. In ‘Favourites’ on the Qobuz app, under ‘Releases’, these albums are listed by Artist A-Z. However, on the Lightning DS app, in ‘Collection’ these show as titles A-Z. How can I change this to Artists A-Z? I hope this makes sense. Thanks.


Qobuz should have offered an API which allows program to pull data from their server with defined sequence (sort by album name, sort by artist name). This is what TIDAL has offered. However current Qobuz API do not public this feature so we can not do it. This has been discussed before and we will add this feature immediately after they publish this for developer.


Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully this feature will become available in the future. I will stick with Qobuz anyway as I prefer the sound quality.