Lightning DS iOS app: lock screen widget

I propose to include a lock screen widget in one of the next releases.

The widget shows in default view:

Trackname, pauze/play, next/prev track and the volume slider.

and when ‘show more’ is choosen:

the player selection, coverart, trackname, pauze/play, next/prev track and the volume slider.

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This one would be great, or even just a simple ‘previous + play/pause + next’ controller in a widget.
It appears as if even naim has a widget now, but being second to implement one is almost first :slight_smile:

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Yes that is a good idea. I use temporarily a naim streamer and the naim app has such a widget. Very handy.

I don’t think that is possible. For a music playback lock screen widget to be available, it has to be able to pump its output through the Apple Music framework, since that is the only music framework that is guaranteed to be allowed to remain operating while in the background (and, therefore, work reliably as a widget on the lock screen). The Lightning DS software is not playback software wherein music comes to the device to be played; it’s merely a remote control for your Auralic device(s). (As I am sure we all know, the Auralic software does not reliably operate in the background; that is why it takes a moment to resynchronize when you come back to it after you go to another app).

An example of third party software that I have that relies on the Apple Music framework would be Synology’s DS Audio app. So long as my output device is set to my phone or iPad (or a bluetooth device that is set to receive music through the phone), I can see a lock screen widget for what is playing. (If I remove the AppleMusic app from my phone, however, there is no lock screen widget available). But if the source I am controlling with DS Audio is something other than my phone (say, an AirPlay device), there is no lock screen widget available.

Wel naim is doing it. I’m using qobuz via a naim nova and the naim app shows up as widget on my ipad.

Does it do it for your local files too?

When you mean with local files, files on my nas, than it does. I do not have local files on my ipad.

That is what I meant - on your NAS. I was wondering if the Naim widget worked on your lock screen when you were streaming NAS files to it.

Naim could be streaming something to your iPad without actually playing it back, which would be interesting…

I think you are not understand me. The naim widget is on the ipad and shows which music playing wether it is from qobuz or from the nas.

We used to have lock screen widget and it worked pretty well. However back to a couple of version ago, Apple asked us to remove it, if we do not do that, they will not allow us to publish the new version. So this lovely feature was gone…

@Vdhoed, sorry; but I do understand it. The issue is that Apple really prefers lock screen music widgets to use the Apple Music framework, which requires pumping content through it. Hence what @Xuanqian is saying.

Either Naim hasn’t been “noticed” yet, or they are finding a way to pump the content (in parallel) through the Apple Music framework on your iPad, at no volume, or by sending a “silent” equivalent of the same length as your content (but with the metadata necessary for displaying what is playing). This latter thing would honestly be a very creative kludge, and unlikely, so it’s possible that Naim is where @Xuanqian was a couple of versions ago. Hope that makes sense.

I can see that Naim just included this recently - - @Vdhoed, can you share a screen shot of the lock screen widget? That would make it possible to tell if it’s using the Apple Music framework. And if not, then @Xuanqian might be able to make an appeal to Apple! That would be awesome, eh?

Yes i can

Apple does not really care, we argued that why Sonos app can use the widget but they just dont answer us. I think we were just have bad luck that with some people auditing app using a different rule or standard.

That’s definitely not the Apple Music widget! Thanks for posting.

That happens. But I work with Apple on apps from time to time and have found that their review processes have improved recently. I think it’s worth another try.

The answer we have got is only App that plays music can use that widget, we dont play music on iOS device so we can not use it. I am not really convinced by that answer but we did not have choice by that time. @ddps: I am glad to know someone like you works with Apple on app is an AURALIC user. Thanks for your suggestion. I will take your advice and we may try to add it back sometime in the future and try our ‘luck’.

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Thank you for your (and the rest of your) responses.
It appears as if apple has not only improved their review process, but also amended their rules to allow this user case again. I hope that this is the case. Otherwise, a kind reference to the allowed naim app and that apple should treat all developers equally might be a way forward with this feature. Hope so.

spotify connect does it too