Lightning DS - deleting an album

Why is this so difficult?

I have a Mini with an internal 1TB SSD. I need to remove an album as it was ripped poorly, then replace it with a newly-ripped version.

Some months ago I tried overwriting a different album which had also been poorly ripped and this caused total chaos within Lightning DS. This time I thought I would delete the album first and then upload the fresh version.

As files cannot be deleted in Lightning DS, I removed it manually using a network share. Fine. So now I needed to rescan the music library to make sure that the album was removed.

Rescanning the cache simply showed that the album was still there but that there was no artwork.

I then rebuilt the entire music library, and the album is still there (although it doesn’t actually exist on the SSD).

I then deleted the Lightning Server Index. There is no feedback given to the user when this option is selected but, by closing the ‘Additional Options’ screen in ‘Settings’, I saw that the music library was being properly rescanned.

At the end of this lengthy process the album had finally disappeared.

I feel that this process is unnecessarily complex and time-consuming and is made additionally frustrating by Auralic in not providing a shred of information on how to remove files (at least, I have been unable to find any information).

Could you either provide clear instructions on how to delete files and reconfigure Lightning DS or add a feature in Lightning DS to remove files - so that others don’t have to go through this trauma?

I further fail to understand why an entire music library has to be rebuilt when a file is deleted. I write software for a living - if I had done this I would be sacked!

We do not touch user’s data, anything user side is ‘read only’ for our software. You need to delete and edit your file by yourself via SMB sharing on computer. Rescan will work and there is no need to rebuild index.

Rescan doesn’t work, sorry.

In fact I can no longer add new files without deleting the the index and rebuilding the entire catalogue.

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