Lightning DS bit depth display

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I have an ARIES G1 and a DAC-19 PCM1704UK USB Amanero 24bit 192kHz (USB connection).
The sound is great but there’s something I can’t explain. The bit depth display is not correct.

The informations given on an album are : 44.1 Khz / 24 bit [FLAC]
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Here is what is indicated when I play the album via LDS :

The DAC cannot play 32bits. So why does LDS show me 32 bits then ?

I thank in advance the Auralic community for their help

Jeff, from France, sorry for my english :wink:

Maybe it’s related to this :

Vega G2: Lightning DS always showing 32bit

The Aries G 1 and G2 use 32 bits for internal processing only. They do not send out 32 bits to your DAC. Unless you have MQA Passthrough enabled and are playing an MQA file, the Aries will always show 32 bits. When playing an MQA file to an external MQA enabled DAC using the MQA Passthrough option, the LDS app will then show exactly what it is receiving from the stream such as Tidal, so you will see something like 44.1/24 bit or 48/24 bit which is the “folded” size of those streams which are passed along unchanged to your MQA DAC.

Thank you very much for your answers. I understand now.

I have another request concerning the DSD playback.
I use DSF files (DSD64 / 1 bit). I have selected DSD to PCM conversion in the G1 because my DAC doesn’t play DSD.

This time, why do Aries G 1 uses 16 bits and not 24 or 32 bits / 88.2Khz ?


Thank you for your support.

Dear all,
Anyone to answer me ?
Thank you

DSD64’s bit rate is equal to 88.2K in 16bit, you can convert to 176.4K but it will be 16bit as well. Converting to 24bit will only add zero after the first 16 bits in our software, if we do real 24bit conversion then the hardware platform is a kind of not fast enough to go through.

Thank you Xuanqian

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