Lightning DS 4.6 is now available


A new version of Lightning DS is now available. We keep trying to resolve crash issues related to iOS 11 update while the App now fully optimized for iPhone X’s display.


Fixed App crashes related to iOS 11.
Music library setup guide can not connect to remote SMB shared folder due to a too short connection overtime parameter.

New Features:

Add iPhone X support
Add setup guide for ARIES G2 and VEGA G2
Add Spotify Connect service icon


If I am a beta tester will DS update automatically from 4.5?


Ha never mind just checked I’m already on 4.6!


Just updated to 4.6. Although optimized for iPhone X, unfortunately, I am now having display problems with my iPhone 5. Some playlists are now hidden from view at the top when trying to add to a song. Is there a fix for this or a way to get back to 4.5 until I upgrade my iphone?



P.S. Just came up with a somewhat odd work around. When adding a new playlist, which would normally appear at the top of the list, I then create to 'faux" playlists: x and xx. These are the ones that are then hidden when I try to add songs to the new playlist. Not ideal! But it works. My iphone 5 lives to see another day.


Apple is pushing everyone to move to new device. When doing optimization for new device, it is not way to optimize for old device anymore. I am sure iPhone 4s no longer work :frowning:


This is silly.

I have the same issue with my iPhone 6S with enlarged font mode as I have reading problems. And it is the same size display as an iPhone 7. So it is not just the very old iPhone’s that are having the problem.

Not everyone will buy an IPhone X so if you are catering to that then it is a bad move.

Please fix the issue.