Lightning Device app and Aries Mini Fault

Hi all.
Was hoping for some simple assistance here. Problem started when my Aries Mini stopped recognising DSD files. I was only getting white noise through my Chord DAVE DAC. All other files played fine. I used the “erase all settings” in the Hardware setup of “Additional Operations”. I have set up the music library again (wireless) and have the Mini going into my DAVE via USB. But now the Lightning app is telling me there is no music library and “USB unattached” message. I can see the music library on my MAC under settings and the music is all there on the internal drive of the Aries. Any ideas what I am missing? (Apart from some common sense … lol… )

Hi Rob,

When you started the setup process did you select “Existing” or “New” or have you just tried adding a Library.

I might be wrong but your problem could have something to do with the Mini not now knowing what’s connected. I had similar problem when swapping internal drive from Mini to Altair G1, if you choose “Existing” you don’t appear to get options for pointing device to storage location.

If you go with “New” it takes you through the complete setup that checks for attached storage and gives you the option to indicate which type.

You might be able to edit “storage location” after the setup process but I found it easier to let the setup process do all the hard work.

Just make sure you don’t select anything that mentions initialising the drive, I believe that will wipe the contents.

Anyhow, hope this might help.

Hi Simon. Thank you so much for your advice. I did what you suggested (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that first up!!) but yes, erasing everything and setting it up as a new device took a couple of goes… but all well now and am listening Ahmad Jamal’s “Alhambra” as I write this!! And yes, by going through the new device set up again, it allowed me to point to the internal SSD drive on the Aries eventually and all working fine.

Ironically, the Mini has been such a stable device in the 4 years I have had it, that when this went wrong it caught me off guard.

Thanks again for your advice.

Hi Rob,

Happy you got it sorted, and don’t feel bad about not realising because it initially caught me on the hop as well. In fact I actually phoned the dealer when having the issue on swapping drive from Mini to G1, and even he didn’t know what was happening and was about to contact the importer.

It was just by chance I decided to select the “Setup New” to see what would happen, and it all fell in to place. Mind you, I held my breath “hoping” the drive didn’t get erased.