Lightning App Crashing while Searching for a new song

Why does my LDS App repeatedly crashes when doing a “search” for a new song ? on iPhone 11Pro …this is NOT a character it always display - but every now and then you want to hear and search for a particular song - you do that - and then the App just crashes! - over and over again!!!

The streamer I have is Aries G1…

Any clue ? anyone ?

I had the same issue, on an iPad though.
However, the remedy is likely to remove the Lightning DS app. Then reinstall, and with patience select and build your library anew…
Give it a couple of minutes after it claims to be done also, spend them browsing your library and playing music? But, keep the Lightning DS app open and in the foreground.

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Thanks for sharing the experience …in my case after sometime - it just disappears…it like every now and then this happens…

Not sure what the Admin has to say about this …?

It’s happening to me right now weirdly when I try and search for the artist Warne Marsh all other searches work fine. Even closed LDS and restarted my Ipad and it’s still happening.

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no response from admin…strange…

Something I noticed I was taking the name from the dropdown of recent names i searched. When I tried typing the name in again it worked and I’ve had no troubles since then.

Are you trying to search a keyword that is less than three letters?

No …right now I am trying to search the song… "hope is a dangerous " and I select “song” and hit search button and it crashes…!!!

Some times after typing in the song name or words I cannot “select” songs and forced to search under “all” and it crashes…

Why on earth does this happens ??? both on my iphone 11 pro and iPAD !!

Have you followed the given advice?
(Remove app, restart iDevice, Reinstall app, reload library)