I’m in Canada and purchased my Vega G2 about 3 or 4 months ago. I was planning on adding on the Leo GX.

My dealer in Eastern Canada said that my serial number on the Vega G2 required some sort of upgrade in order for it to “communicate” with the Leo GX. I’m guessing that I received one of the earlier models of the Vega G2 that my dealer had in stock.

Can you please advise what this upgrade is that is required? When I bought the Vega G2, I was under the impression that I could add the Leo GX without any problems. Apparently this upgrade cannot be done by myself or my dealer; it has to be sent back to the US for the upgrade.

I’ve searched the auralic community site and couldn’t find anything about anyone else having this problem…


VEGA G2 manufactured before April 2018 requires hardware upgrade in order to be compatible with LEO GX. It is usually just a one day work.

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