Leo GX with Vega G2? Or not?

I am serious considering Leo GX to compliment my Vega G2 and Aries G2.
All feedback is great and everyone is saying how great it is, etc.
And then I read an article by Dan Lavry and another one by Michal Jurewicz, founder of Mytek Digital advising against all external clocks.
What say you? Worth the investment?
Thank you!

I’d say; Let your own ears decide. One mans poison et al…

Good advice! I wish I could find someone who can lend me Leo for a few weeks.

Ummh… Was that “in general”, for all/any DAC?
I’d like to read that article… Got a link?

I have a LEO GX, and it has a positive contribution on my system.

The LEO has made a marked difference for me with the VEGA G2 (no ARIES). You can A/B by unplugging the Lightning connector. I haven’t done it blind, but find the difference unmistakable.

I purchased the VEGA G2 after a trial period. It replaced a Benchmark DAC3. Granted, at more than twice the price but, given how much better the VEGA is than the DAC3, I would tend to trust Xuanqian over Michal on something like this.

Where are you located? Some in Europe seem to be having difficulty getting a trial, but you should be able to in the US. If not in driving distance, you would only be on the hook for shipping if you returned it. I believe audio advisor allows 30 days without restocking fee (verify before buying from them).

Yes, very generic recommendation not to use external clock as it increases jiter.
I was quite surprised as I know many respected companies sell external master clocks for their Dacs. I also know that Leo/Vega combination is different.
Really trying to find someone locally to try it before investing that much.

That link leads to a fifteen year old discussion. I suspect things have changed since then!

Ordered from Upscale Audio… Will report back

Did you check with them about their return policy? I think he charges a restocking fee. But, if you don’t mind spending that kind of money, I’ll bet you’ll keep it!

Yes, they gave me 2 weeks to return it without a fee. Should get it late next week.

I have been running my Vega G2 for over a year now, and the Leo GX combo since last June. The combination never fails to satisfy. Highly recommended.

That’s great. Have fun and let us know what you think!

I’ve been using Vega G2/Leo combo for over a week now. As of right now - I’m keeping the Leo.
More details later but in one word - wow!

That’s great to hear. I have been following this thread with great interest. I bought an Aries G2 almost two months ago and it is fantastic. I would be interested if anyone here has replaced a PS Audio Directsream with the G2/GX series? The Aries is an obvious upgrade over the BridgeII. Between the comments here and all of the glowing reviews I’m taking the plunge as well. I have a Vega G2 and Leo GX on order and they will be here next week and will compare notes then.

:tada: :grinning:

You will not be disappointed!! Woot!!

Orosie, I only use Tidal as my source for my Vega G2. I know many on here have their own files, etc that they play. Is the Leo GX worthwhile if you’re only using Tidal? Anyone else please feel free to chime in… Thanks!

If you are using the Vega G2 as streamer you can only improve the Vega with the Leo GX. The Sirius will not work because you need an external streamer.

The Leo will improve any signal, tidal or streaming from roon etc. I think it’s the way to go if you do not want to have a streamer.
What I do not know is the difference between Aries G2 and Vega G2 vs Vega G2 and Leo.
But I guess the second is the better.

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As Deuch said, the Leo will improve any signal coming into the Vega G2 either via LDS or Roon. Tidal, Qobuz and local files all benefit.

I personally use an Aries G2 - Vega G2 - Leo GX via Lightning Link and am blown away on a regular basis. I got the Aries G2 about 7 months ago in anticipation of the Sirius. From a quality of music standpoint, the Aries and Vega’s streaming quality are on par with each other. The benefits of utilizing the Aries G2 in the mix gives you fully functioning LDS, along with other connectivity options.

If you are interested in using the Sirius processor with the Vega G2/Leo GX, you must get an external streamer (does not have to be an Aries) to feed the Sirius. May be a good move if the Sirius is as good as I am anticipating!


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Orosie, You said in your post “gives you fully functioning LDS”…Compared to the stand alone Vega G2, what features of LDS are missing compared to the Aries G2? I’m assuming the connectivity options you’re referring to is the wifi streaming?